10 Types Of Social Media Marketing Solutions For Business

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10 Types Of Social Media Marketing Solutions For Business

When it comes to social media marketing, every business has different needs. But many of those needs can be met with the same marketing solutions tailored to a business’s specific situation. All it takes is a little creativity and the ability to communicate your company’s message to the right audience. Below are 10 types of social media marketing solutions that can be relevant to almost any business. 

social media marketing solutions for business

  1. Company Blog – Many business owners don’t think of their blog as a social media marketing solution, but it is. You can interact with your customers and potential clients, field questions, handle customer service issues, and develop communications through your business blog.

  2. Social Networks – This marketing solution includes sites like Facebook and Twitter. You show up, interact with people as you would at a party or offline social event and once you have built the relationship you can take that relationship deeper on your business website.

  3. Microblog – A microblog is a type of blog where your posts are shorter than a traditional blog. With your company blog, you can have posts up to several thousand words, but on Twitter and several other lesser known microblogging platforms, you are limited to the number of characters per post. Twitter limits your communications to 140 characters. A microblog is a great way to drive traffic to your website and establish relationships that you deepen in other ways.

  4. Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking websites are marketing solutions that allow you to save, organize, and share links and other resources with other users.

  5. Q&A Websites – This type of marketing solution includes sites like Quora, Answers.com, and Yahoo! Answers. Participants ask questions, answer them, and vote on each other’s answers.

  6. Video Sharing – YouTube is the largest and most well known video sharing website. As a business marketing solution, you can set up your own video channel and interact with viewers on your wall much like you do on Facebook. You can also vote on other videos, share videos you like with your audience and market your business less expensively than you can using television ads.

  7. Social Search – It is unclear where social search is headed, but with the advent of Google+ you can bet that social search will soon be a major marketing solution for the average business on the go.

  8. Professional Social Networks – LinkedIn might easily fall into the same category as Facebook, but I prefer to see it as a different type of marketing solution. It’s a niche social network for busy professionals who aren’t interested in playing games or participating in other frivolous activities associated with looser networks like Facebook and MySpace. And it has a thriving Q&A community. It’s the perfect type of marketing solution for B2B businesses, freelancers, and other professionals.

  9. Podcasting Communities – Podcasting communities are similar to video and photo sharing sites except that they are based around audio uploads. Many podcasters produce their own radio shows on sites like BlogTalkRadio. Make your podcast popular and pick up a few advertisers, then you could turn your radio show into a profit center.

  10. Presentation-Sharing Websites – As a marketing solution, a community that allows you to upload your own presentations and share them with your customers is a great tool for any business.

 There are many other types of social media marketing solutions available online. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you are serious about doing business online, then you should develop a plan that includes as many of these solutions as possible.

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