3 Social Media News Articles you may have missed

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December 28, 2013
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3 Social Media News Articles you may have missed

There has been a lot of exciting news in the world of social media over the last few weeks.  PlayStation 4 allowed you to sync and share game moments on Facebook and Twitter, Xbox One has a dedicated YouTube App, and there were many spoofs of Jean-Claude Van Damme circulating (see Channing Tatum and Rob Ford). Here are three stories you may have missed.

1. Dot Complicated

dot complicatedRandi Zuckerberg published her first book, Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives. In the book she weaves together “childhood stories and the early days of Facebook with life lessons on balancing tech use in a world in which people are more connected than ever before.” She says that the best and worst thing about social media is that everyone is connected at all times, and the book is meant to serve as a guide as how to step back and unplug. “I think that most people would be surprised to know that a lot of the inspirational tech leaders of today are very good at knowing when to unplug,” Zuckerberg said. The book also launched with a children’s book, called Dot; which aims at encouraging kids to unplug and get outside.


2. Facebook Is Trailing Social Messaging Apps Globally

Facebook Is Trailing Social Messaging Apps GloballyA survey conducted by OnDevice Research shows that while Facebook Messenger leads the US Market share with 46%, it trails behind WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM, Line, and Sina Weibo in Brazil, South Africa, China, and Indonesia. Considering that Facebook is banned in China it is not surprising that it doesn’t have any presence there, but the margins that separate Facebook and the lead competitors in other countries is a bit surprising. While the survey doesn’t show the UK, France, Russia, India, or Australia, it may show that Facebook isn’t the powerhouse the US thinks it is in every arena.


3. Microsoft Opens Cybercrime Center to Fight Malware, Botnets

Microsoft Opens Cybercrime Center Microsoft is taking a stand against cybercrime, and announced the opening of a new Cybercrime Center to be located on the Redmond, Wash.-campus. “The 16,800-square foot secured facility houses technologies that allow security experts to visualize and identify global cyber threats developing in real time.” The center will bring together a diverse group of individuals from many different fields with the goal of fighting crime on the Internet.  http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2427167,00.asp?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

Were you surprised with Randi Zuckerberg’s view that the constant connection with social media is a negative, that Facebook Messaging lagged behind competitors in other markets, or that Microsoft opened a Cybercrime center? We would love to hear your opinions on these stories or hear about other stories we may have missed.



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