5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web Sites

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September 10, 2013
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September 13, 2013
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5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web Sites

5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web SitesCEOs, small business owners, and other people in our industry always ask us how to gain more followers—what do they post, how often, where do they search for their audience? So often, these entrepreneurs forget to actually consider social media from the follower’s perspective. They are eager to push their message, their product, or their service, but they leave out the important questions—is my customer interested in this, does he or she find this appealing, educational, or hilarious?

Perhaps it is because many business owners aren’t necessarily using social media in their personal lives—if you are one of those people, ask these next questions of a teenager or a millennial. But if you do use social media in your day-to-day, then ask yourself: Who do you follow or like? What do you find inspiring, intelligent, or witty? Or do you follow that person because they offer brilliant advice? Or do they write the most hilarious tweets that just brighten your day? The answers to these questions will enhance your social media brand management strategy.

In reality, the best brands provide a balance of material, but if you ask a majority of social media users why they’d follow a brand like Charmin, which sells toilet paper, they’d tell you it was purely for its entertainment value. Some brands have hired that one genius social media representative or team that is able to tap into America’s funny bone and provide those one-liners and quips that leave our faces hurting from laughter.

While it may not seem like a funny status update or tweet has much value, your consumer sees it differently. They don’t like always being pitched to in the same generic and obvious way—they just want to have a good laugh with you, see your personality, get to know the lovable and organic side of your brand.

For some inspiration, we thought we’d showcase 5 hilarious brands that we love to follow on our social media web sites in order to show you what they’re doing right. Hopefully, with these social media tips, we can bring out your inner stand-up comedian!

5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web Sites

Old Spice: @OldSpice

Old Spice was once branded as an older man’s cologne and hygiene line. Then one day, those commercials (we know the ones, with the man on the white horse) functioned to completely rebrand Old Spice into a younger man’s deodorant and body wash. That restructuring came with a new sarcastic, witty, and innovative team, and boy are we glad because they are hilarious, and we love them.

5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web Sites


Popchips: @Popchips 

Popchips has a fantastic Facebook presence. Their posts are relevant, emotional, and funny, and as a result they manage to promote their product without seeming pushy.

5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web Sites


Charmin: @Charmin

Yes the toilet paper company—we were pleasantly surprised as well. Like we said earlier, they are popular because they never sacrifice brand identity for humor, nor do they solely focus on selling a product. Toilet paper can be a boring subject, but they provide a creative and entertaining spin in almost every post. Their series #tweetfromtheseat is a riotous. Well done @Charmin!




5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web SitesSkittles: @Skittles

Skittles has a lot more freedom to embrace humor, but in many ways that can actually provide even more of a challenge. Their social presence is tasteful, (pun intended) clever, and not too shtick-y. We especially love that each tweet isn’t necessarily about Skittles; some are just completely random thoughts that seem like they rolled out of a teenager’s head—it adds a touch of humanity to a massive global company.




Oreo: @Oreo

5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web SitesOreos are delicious, but that’s not why this brand makes the list. Their social media posts are always entertaining, but always about Oreos. It never gets old because they always bring the laughter. What we noticed is that even though the posts for Twitter and Facebook seem to coincide, someone has taken the time to optimize the post individually to fit the format of each platform. That detail may seem small, but it is crucial. Tweets need to grab attention with a short one-liner, while on Facebook the image snags a majority of the attention. Preparing media for each platform is smart. You go, Oreo!

These brands are some of America’s biggest and most popular. They’ve invested millions on their marketing campaigns, materials, writers, and designs—they know what they are doing, so take a page out of their book…their Facebook that is. If your content represents your brand but is able to put a smile on someone’s face, odds are you will get more attention and increase your consumer base.  The best social networking strategy for business is to create content with your consumer in mind.



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