5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Coach

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June 20, 2012
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July 3, 2012
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5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Coach

Thinking of looking into some social media coaching? If you are still on the fence, here are some good reasons to do so!

Social Media Coach

Focus on Expertise
If you are considering a social media coach, it is probably because you had enough passion and expertise in a particular area to start a company that provides certain products or services.

Since you spent your life earning experience and/or education that lead to your expertise in that particular area, you may not have had the time or interest to learn about successful marketing and SEO techniques.

It is quite a common occurrence to be coached by an expert with more experience in a particular field. Professional working adults often receive coaching, and some of it is quite public. Sports teams present a classic example of coaching.

If a sports team did not work together during a game it would be very unlikely that they would reach their goal. A coach has the expertise necessary to instruct players in an appropriate plan of action that has great potential of delivering successful results.

While you may have the expertise in your company’s specialty, that expertise generally does not transfer to the marketing skills necessary to keep a business public and well-advertised with today’s modern technology. A social media coach is an expert in exactly that area. Social media coaching has the power to give companies a positive public image that will attract customers.

Cut Expenses
While it is true that additional staff members generally expect to be paid, employers usually agree to the arrangement because the business as a whole will experience a greater gain than loss in the long run.

This is definitely true of companies that utilize social media coaching. Since these coaches are experts in spreading and promoting positive information pertaining to a business’s service or product, the company will likely experience more publicity.

Publicity leads to website traffic, which leads to customers. If the information about a company was never discovered by consumers because it was lost in the vast world of endless data available online they may not be in business for long.

An expert social media coach can direct companies in the most efficient way to complete their marketing tasks necessary to attract business, just as a sports coach can instruct their players in the best way to meet their goals during athletic matches. By using their extensive knowledge and experience, they reduce the probability of loss.

Implement Successful Strategies
When a school or institution hires a football coach, they expect that coach to know and implement strategies in the game that have resulted in success in the past. The coach has already seen and worked with a variety of situations, and has learned the best ways to handle them. This prepares them for making quick and informed decisions in the best interest of the team, allowing them to achieve triumphant results.

A social media coach has the training and experience to know which strategies in online marketing to use for certain companies and situations. They will create the appropriate designs, add the right links and activities, and use certain vocabulary and descriptive choices, all in an effort to promote the company. Their knowledge in the area allows them to guide the company through a plan of action that will most likely lead to success.

Work as a Team
In most sports team set-ups, one person working alone is not as effective as an entire team working together. A group of people can cover more area and use each other to work more effectively against an opponent.

Social media coaches help a company develop an online portfolio of many strategies that work together to publicize information and attract customers. The collaboration of different outlets and approaches that are implemented help a business thrive and grow.

Stay Current and Profitable
Just like athletic coaching, social media coaching cannot be delivered in a one-shot deal. A sports team continues to play games, and they require guidance at each one as the other team, the players, the score, the situation, etc. continue to change. The team needs their coach to help them assess and act in each new situation.

Similarly, in order for social media coaching to be successful, sustained guidance is essential. As a company experiences new publicity and situations, the social media coach can decide the best way to display the most positive information.

Social media coaches can also continue making relevant connections that will increase links and traffic. They can utilize frequent updates that increase visibility in search results, and monitor publicity in order to provide effective responses and damage control, if needed.

Continued guidance promotes the probability of continued success.



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