8 Social Media Tips: Brand Yourself for Success

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September 17, 2012
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8 Social Media Tips: Brand Yourself for Success

Social Media Tips

Whether you are a student or professional using social media it is crucial that you create a positive personal brand image because this can make or break a current job, or possible opportunity for employment.  

Chances are, a perspective employer will “Google” you prior to calling you in for an interview. It is obviously detrimental if an employer comes across negative information about you, but zero search results can work against you as well. There is no doubt that it is in your best interest to create and maintain your personal brand through multiple social media platforms, and to do so professionally. Your online presence is as important, if not more important, than the resume you sumbit, and your interview performance.

Would you show your Facebook profile to a potential employer? What about your current boss? How do you portray yourself online?  

These social media tips can help get you going in the right direction:

  1. Google yourself and see what comes up. Remove anything that may hinder your chances of being offered a job. This could include updates containing profanity or pictures of you partying with friends. Many people think that privacy settings will prevent potential employers from seeing things they shouldn’t, but employers have ways around privacy settings. So if you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it – take it off your profile. 

  2. Use your name as your username on social media sites. Creating a uniformed personal brand across multiple platforms will help to ensure you appear in searches. 

  3. Don’t forget that grammar and punctuation are important! While it may be hard to write with perfect grammar, do pay attention. Use spell check, and proof read your posts prior to publishing.  

  4. Update your social media platforms on a regular basis. This does include posting about your (online appropriate) daily activities, but do not limit it to that, and do not over-share your personal business. Share interesting content and offer opinions about current events or trending topics. A personal blog is also something you will want to consider as it helps recruiters understand your interests and opinions. 

  5. Be consistent. Make sure you are utilizing multiple platforms to publish your content, and keep them current. Your presence online will only shine as long as you keep polishing it!

  6. On Facebook, use your cover photo to show off your personality, keep your work and education history up-to-date, and add milestones and experiences that boost your personal brand image.

  7. On Twitter, connect with users with similar interests as yourself and join their conversations. Engage by asking questions, posting opinions, sharing interesting links, and retweeting other tweets.

  8. Start circling. What kind of search rankings do you think Google+ content gets?? Make your presence known here.

The ultimate goal of social media and personal brand management is to tell the world about yourself. Be positive; Be smart; Be creative.

 Written by: Sureena Johl

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