Analyze the Success of your Visual Social Media Marketing Strategies

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September 6, 2013
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Analyze the Success of your Visual Social Media Marketing Strategies

In the past couple of years, digital marketers have made a rapid transition into the visual social media realm. As consumers flock to platforms like Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest to share things they love and enter into conversations, brands rush to embrace these new trends in social media.

Analyze the Success of your Visual Social Media Marketing Strategies

Businesses and advertisers use photographs and images to build emotional connections with their current and potential customers, but our clients and other companies around the globe are curious about how it is possible to track what people are saying about their business when they use images, rather than words, to communicate. Various software and applications exist to help monitor your social media marketing strategies, if they are text-based, but up until recently nothing has existed to evaluate your visual social media campaign.

While the business option for Pinterest allows users to track analytics, there are more accurate ways to monitor your company’s success on visual social sites. Curalate, a startup based out of Philadelphia, uses pixel-based image recognition software combined with sophisticated statistics to find, match and remember images that are about your brand. The site aids you in deciding what is performing well, what is being talked about, what is being shared on social media, and what could use improvement.

On Pinterest, consumers find things they love, pin it, repin it, and share it with other people—and that is where a majority of a company’s conversations come from on that network. Being able to measure how well an image is doing often tells a specific story—it tells a business what the consumer likes and cares about, versus what the marketing team thinks they will enjoy or take interest in. This insight is unparalleled in the marketing world.

Before Curalate, tracking and assessing the success of an image-based campaign has relied on tools like or PinLeague, but these sites are limited to text-based analytics like URLs, keywords, and hashtags. This is generally insufficient because few visual campaigns (as little as 10 percent) actually mention the brand.

Analyze the Success of your Visual Social Media Marketing Strategies

Not only does Curalate track images using pixels alone, but it also offers its user quality data, and social networking tips across Instagram and Pinterest.  Now that brands are able to comprehend which photos consumers are engaging with naturally, they are able to make better marketing choices across all of their sites, fan pages, and social networks. This can even extend as far as a company’s signage, in-store displays, and promotional material.

In an interview with a Curalate chief executive Apu Gupta, he says, “Images unlock an emotional response in people faster than any other medium.” As a business owner, marketer, or digital agency this knowledge may not be anything new, but if you have yet to use it to your advantage you should catch up before you are left behind.

(Images and video from the Curalate website.)

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