November 14, 2012

Social Media to the Rescue! [#HurricaneSandy]

How social networking saved lives during Hurricane Sandy As superstorm Sandy continues to devastate the states of the Northern American East Coast, thousands of families are […]
October 19, 2012

Social Media Slip-Ups [Caution When Using Twitter for Business]

Social media offers companies and professionals the ability to connect with their fans in a way that is mutually beneficial. Using Facebook or Twitter for business, […]
October 18, 2012

8 Social Media Tips: Brand Yourself for Success

Whether you are a student or professional using social media it is crucial that you create a positive personal brand image because this can make or […]
September 17, 2012

Breaking Down Pinterest for Business

If you are still not privy to Pinterest, it would be wise to pay attention! Pinterest is a website that consists of a series of virtual […]