Baby Saved by Social Media [Video]

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March 8, 2014
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March 8, 2014
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Baby Saved by Social Media [Video]

Social media is more than a tool for business! Just ask baby Holden’s family…

One Stockton baby has a huge following because of a serious health problem. Turns out social media saved his life. A simple video captured 7-month-old Holden Shoemake’s first milestones. That video saved Holden’s life.

Untitled from Scott Shoemake on Vimeo.

“Hopefully his life has touched other people. We hope,” said Scott Shoemake, Holden’s father.
Holden suffers from Noonan syndrome. It’s a genetic disorder that prevents him from eating and swallowing. “He just vomited every feeding. Like a volcano, pretty much,” said Cheryl Shoemake, Holden’s mother. So Scott and Cheryl fed Holden through a tube attached to his stomach every three hours, five times a day. Despite this rigorous schedule, the Shoemakes consider themselves lucky. Holden spent the first two months of his life in the hospital and was given a two percent chance to live.

“This is the most important decision you can make and probably the best. Just for him to start eating and be somewhat normal I guess,” said Cheryl. And for Holden to be normal the Shoemakes need expert help. They found the Los Altos feeding clinic at a price tag of $20,000. Scott and Cheryl couldn’t afford it and that’s when social media came in. It started with just telling Holden’s story. And soon, the “Loving Holden” fund got 1,300 followers on Twitter and 2,400 fans on Facebook.

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They got the $20,000 in two days. “We give all our credit to our faith in god and just our trust in that and the community of people praying. There’s special things that happen when people pray,” said Scott. The therapy is three to six weeks.

[via FOX40 News]

We love to see the power of social media working for the good! Do you have a story in which social media has made a positive impact on your life?

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