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August 13, 2013
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Become Fluent in Instagram Lingo | Social Media School

Become Fluent in Instagram Lingo | Social Media SchoolSharing photos online has practically become a lifestyle for most. With over 130 million active users on Instagram, it’s no secret that people like documenting their lives with photographs. This growing trend towards photos over text makes sharing on social media sites easier than ever before.

Even people who have never had a formal introduction to social media can get their photo featured on Instagram’s popular page. Photos are eye-catching, and lets face it, us humans are visual creatures. But when it comes to the world of Instagram, there are some tactics one can execute to master this app and become all the rave in the online world of photo sharing.

We have all witnessed this before: that girl on our feeds who posts nothing but pictures of herself (#selfies) and yet, somehow, gets hundreds of “likes” on all of her photos, and has more followers than you can imagine. How does she do it? Surely she didn’t attend some prestigious social media school that trained her in the profession of attaining “likes.”

Become Fluent in Instagram Lingo | Social Media SchoolThe answer is simple: She knows which hashtags are trending on Instagram and by attaching them in a caption she is able to bring more traffic to her photos. Hashtags on Instagram organize photos into categories or subjects deemed acceptable by the poster.

A hashtag on Instagram enters your photo into a collection of other photos taken, where the user has used the same hashtag. For example, if you post a photo of your puppy, with the hashtag #ilovemydog or #puppiesofinstagram, your image will arrive into a group of photos of other puppies—by users who also love their dog!

Social media studies help gather the top used and searched hashtags on Instagram to decipher who and what is trending online.

Popular hashtags are often difficult to decode because they’re composed of slang, trends, and abbreviations. Lucky for you, in this blog post Creatine Marketing Reviews the current trending hashtags.

So sit back and get a great social media education so you can start increasing your Instagram’s visibility today. Here’s a list of the current trending hashtags on Instagram and what those hashtags mean or stand for. Just beware that hashtag trends change frequently, so a popular hashtag today can be something that’s only referred to on #FlashBackFriday tomorrow.

#love // the most posted hashtag

#selfie // a photo of one’s self

#instagood // something good or favorable

#instabad // something bad or unfavorable

#potd or #photooftheday // picture of the day

#ootd // outfit of the day

#picstitch // a photo collage

#simulgram // simultaneous Instagram post with another user (e.i. posting the same thing or posting a picture of one another at the same time)

#tbt // throwback Thursday (e.i. baby photos/ old photos)

#fbf // flashback Friday (same idea as throwback Thursday)

#Iger // Istagrammers

#Nomnom // is the sound we make when we are eating, indicating a pleasurable food experience

#Skyporn // a beautiful shot of the sky

#TagsForLikes // this hashtag tells other users that if they tag you on one of their photos you will like that photo for them

#TFLers // Tag for likers, (e.i. people who tag for likes)

#tweegram // A photo of words or verse, like a “tweet”

Become Fluent in Instagram Lingo | Social Media School


#followme or #follow4follow —– this hashtag encourages users to follow you because you promise to follow them back

#like4like // this hashtag encourages users to like your photo because they will in turn like one of your photos

#r4r // this hashtag encourages users to like your most recent photo because you promise to in turn like their most recent photo




#instadaily // daily instagram updates/ photos

#instafollow // you will follow back instantly



#iphoneonly // this hashtag tells users your photo was taken on an iphone

#bestoftheday // best photo or moment of the day


#instago // “go” or a must-do event



#swag // and/or style

Become Fluent in Instagram Lingo | Social Media SchoolKeep in mind there are plenty of more Instagram terms out there, and everyday new hashtags are created and spread by active Instagram users. Be sure to visit these websites to stay updated on the most popular hashtags:

Now that you’re fluent in Instagram lingo, start tagging your photos correctly to get more likes (#tagsforlikes). Happy tagging!

By Avery Barnes, Creatine Marketing

Become Fluent in Instagram Lingo | Social Media School

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