Google Encrypts ALL Keyword Searches | Web Marketing News

Did you know that in the last month Google implemented changes aimed at encrypting all search activity, making an exception only for clicks on ads? Oh Google, we are ever so grateful for your last minute changes, making our jobs as Internet and social media marketers effortless! Said nobody, ever. According to interviews with Google […]

Black Friday vs. Shopping Online

The Holiday season is here, and that means the return of turkey, stuffing, and Black Friday shopping.  Black Friday was originally named in reference to other stressful and chaotic days, like Black Tuesday, the day of the 1929 stock market crash.[1]  In recent years, the day after Thanksgiving has become an all out battlefield for […]

Outsourcing Social Media Isn’t For Everyone, But Is It For You?

With new social media networks popping up at a quick rate, it can be tough to keep up – let alone decide which networks are best for your business. In a Vertical Response Survey taken in 2012, 500 small businesses found that a third of owners, proprietors, and CEOs want to spend less time on […]

New Year’s Resolution: Tighten Up Your Business’ Online Presence

It is that time of year again; Time to write down those New Year’s resolutions for 2013! What is on your list? Eating healthier, losing weight, spending more time with family, volunteering? All of these are good things to have on your agenda, but if you own a business, there is something missing! Make sure […]

Social Media Tips – Boost your Returns by Leveraging Social Marketing

Few years ago, leveraging the internet to market a small business organization was simply meant to create the online presence. Most organizations nowadays work online and without sharing a web space it is almost impossible to target the exact number of visitors as the efforts may become scattered. Then came the demands of the search […]

Why Some CEOs Just Don’t Get Social Media Internet Marketing

Surprisingly, more than 72% of Fortune 500 company CEO’s do not have a presence on popular social media platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You would think that these professionals would want to get involved with social media, because it is the wave of the future as far as connections and leads […]

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble on Social Media Web Sites?

Although the life of a Disney Princess must be pretty demanding, we can’t help but wonder what Facebook and Twitter would be like if they had time to blow up our news feeds. Creatine Marketing imagined how the famed princesses might utilize social media web sites, and now you can explore the categories we’ve come […]

I Like You; Therefore, I like your Work. [Building Your Reputation]

Do you care about being liked? Most of us do. As an adult you eventually adopt the “you win some, you lose some” mentality− but as a businessperson, it is important that people hold positive associations to you and your company so that when they see you or think of you or your brand, it […]

5 Hilarious Brands to Follow on Social Media Web Sites

CEOs, small business owners, and other people in our industry always ask us how to gain more followers—what do they post, how often, where do they search for their audience? So often, these entrepreneurs forget to actually consider social media from the follower’s perspective. They are eager to push their message, their product, or their […]

Analyze the Success of your Visual Social Media Marketing Strategies

In the past couple of years, digital marketers have made a rapid transition into the visual social media realm. As consumers flock to platforms like Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest to share things they love and enter into conversations, brands rush to embrace these new trends in social media. Businesses and advertisers use photographs and […]