Google’s Social Media Strategy is Video!

Although Google doesn’t have many failures shadowing its existence, when it comes to accomplishments in the world of social media, the Internet search giant similarly has few achievements to speak of. And Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt knows it. Still, Google isn’t about to give up on all things socials. To the contrary, in fact. […]

Largest QR Code Ever? [Creative QR Codes at their best]

From brochures to volleyball player’s rear ends to tattoos…creative QR codes are popping up everywhere we turn. Why not kick it up a notch and paint one onto a racetrack? Eighty gallons of paint and a “stay inside the lines” pattern cover 10,000 square feet on the Wall Stadium Speedway in Jersey Shore, claiming the title of the […]

Apple Announces Death of Steve Jobs

     Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder and longtime leader of Apple, has passed away at the age of 56. Apple is asking for those who would like to share their thoughts or condolences to email

HootSuite Supports LinkedIn for Business [Integrates Company Pages]

HootSuite is adding LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups, the social media management tool announced on Thursday. The integration is key for HootSuite — which previously only supported LinkedIn profiles — in evolving side-by-side with its main user base: social media marketers. Since filing to go public in January, LinkedIn has increasingly gained attention as a social platform. Publishers and brands […]

Social Media and Digital Signage

The genesis of social media was largely based on the internet, but multi-platform and open-source activity have pushed social media into mainstream channels, such as broadcast television, mobile and digital signage. It has become the binding tissue across multiple channels and encourages engagement among thousands of companies and millions of people, becoming a very valuable […]

Using Social Media to Investigate Insurance Claims – Justified?

Insurers and police are using information from Facebook and Twitter to nail policyholders for filing inflated or fraudulent claims.What’s now up for discussion is the controversial idea of calculating premiums using information from social media. Insurers aren’t doing that now because rate-setting regulations don’t allow it. But some say information on social networking sites would give the companies a […]

Twitter Updates iPhone App with Photo Sharing

A day before Apple is expected to release its iOS 5 updatewith Twitter integration, Twitter has upgraded its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app with new features, including photo sharing. The 3.5.0 update, introduced Tuesday, includes an upgraded direct messages design on the iPad and the ability to tap a location on the iPad to show nearby tweets. The most significant upgrade is a feature that […]

How To Create A Social Media Savvy Business Card

Article written by Mart Prööm I recently picked up a new hobby of collecting well-designed and interesting business cards (you can view my entire collection here). Soon I began to notice how only a few of those business cards actually featured anything that’s related to social media or QR codes for that matter. Close to none had any links […]

HootSuite Announcement: Twitter Integration

HootSuite is happy to announce an update to its apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to support the newly released iOS 5. The latest version of the HootSuite for Twitter App leverages iOS 5’s new Twitter integration feature. With this update, users can add Twitter accounts directly to their device to share content, tweet photos, […]

Social Networking on Mobile Phones Skyrockets

More than 72 million Americans accessed social networking sites or blogs via their mobile devices in August, a figure that represents a 37% jump from the same time last year, according to data compiled by comScore.   The bottom line: Social networking by way of mobile devices is on the up-and-up. comScore estimates that nearly one-third of […]