Creatine Marketing Announces Launch of Innovative Internet Marketing Training & Certification Program

Sacramento, CA – Shane Barker, Chief Marketing Officer of Creatine Marketing, has announced that the firm has launched its Internet marketing training and certification program. The new offering provides comprehensive training in all facets of interactive online marketing to increase participants’ expertise and obtain the greatest return on marketing dollars. “You’ll be learning how to do […]

Is Social Media Training Important?

What Is Social Media Training? Social media training advises marketing employees in ways to successfully employ the tools found in social media in ways that will benefit their businesses and products. Social media training covers the use of social networks, blogging, and embedded videos, as well as many other techniques that will improve general knowledge […]

Fun Marketing Ideas [Make Internet Marketing Work for You]

If you’ve got a product or service you want to spread the word about, you’ll want to employ some marketing tactics to help. While you can update your blog, send out a few tweets or start a Facebook fan page, it takes a whole lot more to keep up with the Internet marketing campaigns that […]

Now Hiring Energetic, Motivated Sales Representatives for Immediate Employment!

We have been growing rapidly here at Creatine Marketing, and we are now accepting applications for sales rep positions throughout the Sacramento area. We are a respected and experienced website development & marketing company. We offer businesses a full range marketing services including social media setup, social media management, logo and web design, search engine […]

Facebook Standing Up For Privacy

Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, announced last Friday that Facebook will fight to stop employers from requesting access to their potential employees’ otherwise private accounts. If you haven’t heard the news, this announcement follows reports that potential employers are asking for access to applicants’ Facebook accounts — either asking them for their usernames and passwords or asking them […]

How To Leverage Twitter for Business: 101

These days almost everyone is doing business online. That’s good for you if you are an online based business or a business that has a website. However, it’s only good if you know how to effectively market yourself and your products online. You really are not going to make it very far in the online […]

How To Use Facebook for Business

Advertising in your local newspaper and things of that nature are not always your best option for targeting the consumers you want. These days, it is the norm to have a computer and internet connection, which makes it vital for every business to be online. You can spend a lot of money advertising online, but […]

Ford using QR codes to drive attention to 2012 Ford Focus

Ford Motor Co. wants consumers visiting Internet Week in New York this week to discover its newly redesigned Focus by using a smartphone to scan two-dimensional bar codes included on Ford promotional materials distributed throughout the event’s multiple locations in a program called the Ford Focus Hunt. Internet Week is a series of workshops and […]

Blogging Advice Courtesy of Dr. Seuss

Blogging advice is everywhere you look. You can find it online, or in a book. Tips can get boring so we thought it’d be cool, to have Dr. Seuss take you to school. We’ve gathered some quotes, little things he said. Hopefully you can use them to get your blog read! “I like nonsense, it […]

Social Media Networking Tips: Make Your Profile Work for You

For many businesses, taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter and similar online social networking sites is an ideal way of increasing your clientele. However, it is important to the success of the networking for the company to carefully set up its profiles. We have gathered the top three ways for you to increase your page desirability […]