How Link Placement Affects Clicks on Twitter

When it comes to crafting social status updates to ensure maximum exposure and click-throughs, many of the tried-and-true methods seem somewhat obvious. Posting at certain times of day, for example, can have a dramatic impact on performance. Makes perfect sense. Sometimes, effective optimization can come from places you didn’t expect, and the only way to […]

Ford Mustang Promotion [Free Facebook App Access For Passengers]

Article originally posted by Quinton O’Reilly If you’ve ever boarded a long flight and wished that you had wifi access to keep you entertained instead of a potentially terrible on-flight movie, then you’re in luck. Gogo, a wifi provider for airlines, have teamed up with Ford motors to promote Ford’s new Facebook campaign, the Mustang Converter. […]

How To Create Both an SEO and Reader-Friendly Post Title

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to best title your blogs. You want to attract readers, AND be conscious of keywords. The article below can help. Article posted by Bob Dunn on For Bloggers By Bloggers “Title tags,” the title of a post, matter when it comes to the search engines. But often in our titles, […]

Top 10 Features users want from Google+ Brand Pages

I’m sure Google is working to improve on their recently released brand page functionality, but that doesn’t keep anyone from complaining about it until it happens right? Here are the top 10 features users are hoping for… 1. Multiple Admins – Facebook has mastered this, so naturally, we expect it. In many cases, pages are […]

Mint Flavored Parking Tickets? [Fun Marketing Ideas]

Just in case you are tired of reading about Google+, here is some minty fresh news! Wrigley’s has come up with a very clever marketing tactic – mint flavored parking tickets! Before you wrinkle your face and ask “who licks a parking ticket?”, think about it. How often do you grab the ticket then put […]

QR Codes Provide Voicemail Gift Tags for Christmas

Companies have been embracing QR Codes for innovative marketing, and it doesn’t stop at scavenger hunts or volleyball rear ends! New ideas continue to emerge, and we are dazzled by the creativity. This holiday season, rather than merely filling out the “To” and “From” fields on a gift tag, why not personalize it with your voice! […]

5 Reasons Google+ Could Win the Social Enterprise Battle

Last Thursday, Google announced that Google+ will be available for Google Apps users. This means that the millions of people using Google Apps for their businesses will now have access to the Google+ social collaboration platform. With Google+’s unique features for search, selective sharing and rich communication, it offers consumers a very different user experience than the established social networks. […]

Mexican Soccer Team Replaces Player Names With Twitter Handles

Mexican Primera Division side Jaguares have taken things to the next level in terms of attracting more followers to their club Twitter account by pasting their official handle on their jerseys. Not only is the club Twitter account on the front of the shirt, personal handles replace the player’s names on the back. We’ve seen […]

Private Twitter Chats?

Recognizing the limits of public chats and DMs on Twitter, a Boston startup has introduced a technology that lets you start private Twitter chats. Blether Labs, which is also based in Dunfermline, Scotland, introduced the beta version of !blether on Tuesday. To start a private group chat, you need only type “!b” at the beginning of […]

WordPress SEO: How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

The following is an article posted on Search Engine Watch by Kevin Gibbons on WordPress SEO. If you want to know how to optimize your WordPress site, he’s got some great advice. —- WordPress has made it very easy for small businesses to have a website that is easy to update and maintain, but do you […]