Celebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social Networking

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March 8, 2014
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Celebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social Networking

Celebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social NetworkingHave you ever noticed how celebrity social media profiles have an abundant amount of followers? Here you are slaving away for 26 likes and 52 new follows while Kim Kardashian earns thousands just for signing up. The social buzz surrounding celebrities has started to make me wonder what it is about interacting on social profiles that grants everyday people the belief that they will be the one in a million heard by their idol. After much consideration (and some field research), I have decided that this lapse in judgment is due to the variable-ratio schedule celebrities provide via social media. In a similar fashion to the slot machines in a casino (hence the field research) by randomly replying, reaching out, and sometimes even dating profile followers, celebrities have filled us with an unwavering hope that our next tweet could be the one to land us a response.


Kate Upton Responds to a YouTube InviteCelebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social Networking

Thousands of YouTube videos are created everyday, and one of those videos just happened to be uploaded by Jack Davidson, a high school senior desperate to have Kate Upton accompany him to his prom. Like many before him, Jake had the high hopes that his video would be heard and his courageous plea soon went viral. Critics held low expectations that his request would be met until one extraordinary thing happened – she responded. After a flirtatious tweet from Upton herself, stating that she would just have to check her schedule “(wink)”, Jake was ultimately turned down but not forgotten. Since Upton couldn’t make the date, Nina Agdal (another super model… no big deal) accompanied Jake to his prom and made it a night he won’t soon forget. What can we learn from Jake’s story? Reach out via YouTube. Even if you miss the target (which is likely) there is still a slim chance you’ll get a date with a total hottie.


Taylor Swift Takes a Fan to the Academy of Country Music Awards

The probability of being recognized didn’t stop Victoria Mcguire from creating a Facebook Fan Page with the goal of landing Taylor Swift as her little brother’s prom date. After being diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 13, Kevin Mcguire fought the battle of his life and came out of treatment a healthy man. His sister admired the character and nobility her little brother upheld throughout his treatment which is why, when his cancer returned at 18, she wanted to give him the gift of a lifetime. After explaining via Facebook how Taylor Swift Celebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social Networkingalways lightened her brother’s mood and how he loved the country star, everyone on Facebook banded together in a crusade to get her to his prom. Word of Kevin’s struggle got around to Taylor and, although her schedule wouldn’t allow her to make prom, she asked him if he would be her date to the ACMs (which I’d say is a pretty good deal). This one small act of kindness put faith back in the Facebook community to start reaching out to their favorite stars in hopes that they, too, would receive the same recognition. Oh and Kevin? – He had a great time at his prom with a childhood friend and an even better time at the awards show with Swift and his family.


Dwayne Wade Surprises a Fan at Prom

NBA star Dwayne Wade didn’t miss it when super fan, Nicole Muxo created an elaborate video on YouTube inviting him to her high school prom. Muxo and followers of the video were disappointed when they didn’t receive a response but chalked it up to an obvious downpour of comments, tweets, and outreach the star athlete must get on a daily basis. Little did Muxo know that Wade did indeed see her video and was just waiting to see how the Miami Heat’s season went before committing to a date. As you can probably imagine, Muxo (and her date Laurent Chaumin) were quite stunned to see her celebrity crush walk through the doors of her high school wearing a suit, and bearing flowers. Judging by all of the tweets, posts, and pictures from Muxo, Wade, and Chaumin, Chaumin didn’t mind the intrusion and they all had a great night. 

Celebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social Networking

Instances like the ones above are only a few of the many examples of celebrities reaching out to their online following. As you can see, the hope of being the one in a million to get a ticket to an award show, or the opportunity to walk arm in arm with a celebrity to prom, keeps fans posting and pleading to their famous crushes.  If you are one of the millions of people interacting with their idols, know that we are rooting for you; and if you to happen snag the moment everyone is waiting for, hold on to it tight! – They are few and far between.


By: Dana Andersen| Creatine Marketing


Celebrities Online – Will They Ever Listen? | Top Social Networking

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