Creatine Marketing Newsletter | July 2013

The 10 Worst Yelp Reviewers | Social Community Sites
July 19, 2013
How to Create the “Perfect” Post | Social Networking Strategy
July 29, 2013
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Creatine Marketing Newsletter | July 2013

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Creatine Marketing Newsletter | July 2013
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Summer & Social Media: Why You Need a Campfire, Fishing Pole, and  a Good Story

Between family trips, outdoor events, and no school, consumer habits change and attention spans shorten during summer. People use mobile devices more and computers less to check email and engage with their networks…and they’re typically slower to respond. Even your own internal resources get stretched as people take time off.

– Social Media Today

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“How do you manage your social media when engagement is down
during these lazy, hazy days of summer?”

Do Videos on Social Networking Platforms mean TV Style Advertising?

Since the Facebook-owned application, Instagram, introduced the video feature to it’s users a few weeks ago—there has been one question on my mind: How long will it be until we begin to see television-like commercials and ads on our social feeds?…

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Social Media Q & A |

Do you have questions about social media, but not enough time to read blog articles online? Ask us any questions you have! Reach out via email, on our Facebook page, or call us directly and ask us anything:


“How do I start a blog?”
“What do you mean by RSS?”
“What’s the difference between a group and a page on Facebook?”
“Do men use Pinterest?”
“How do I turn Twitter into a mass-texting service for free?”

Let us Educate You!

  List your “additional education”, licenses, etc.
  invite people to join a group.
network courteously, answer emails quickly.
  know your keywords.
engage with people that have similar interests.
on’t be a stranger, tell people how you know them
  Invitations are limited, use them wisely. 
  never stop networking, connections = opportunities

  Treat your LinkedIn Profile like a website.
  impart solid recommendations and you receive them
  personalize your public profile URL
  strategic groups…join them!

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Creatine Marketing Newsletter | July 2013

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