Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right

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March 19, 2013
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Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right

It is often the truth that companies focus on what is going wrong rather than what is going right. The same can be said for social media marketing in that so many articles are posted about the mishaps one company had and the blunders of another. Today, in an effort to break this vicious cycle, we will not only compare two social media campaigns to show what they are doing efficiently, but we will also show you how to incorporate what they are doing and make their strategies work for your own small business.



Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right

Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right









Home Page Accessibility: The first stage of any social media campaign starts from the home page. This is where anyone can go to stay connected with you and to find out which
Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Rightsocial media platforms you belong to. Because of this fact, it is important to showcase your social media icons in places that will be easy to find by the viewer. When you visit The Kings’ homepage, you may notice that finding these sites is a difficult task. Not only are they hidden behind a dark ‘Connect’ sidebar, they can only be fully seen once under the ‘Interact’ column on theCreatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right bottom of the page. In contrast, when you arrive at The Warriors’ landing page, you are greeted with colorful social icons located in multiple places on the page. As you might have guessed, The Warriors demonstrate social media perfection that can be directly applied to your own home page to ensure follower interaction.

Facebook and Google+: Facebook is HUGE. If you are just entering the realm of social media marketing, make sure you join Facebook as your very first step. When looking at both of these Northern California teams, notice that they do a great job posting to their target audience and updating regularly. Both teams take advantage of the great visual layout Facebook has to offer by posting pictures from their games. Both teams also do an incredible job keeping fans updated on things like player birthday’s, status of injuries, and local promotions that may not even directly apply to them. By keeping whom they are influencing in mind, The Kings and Warriors alike are able to engage with their audience on a personalCreatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right level without having to constantly advertise for themselves. The same is true for Google+, which is formatted and used very similarly to Facebook. Anything that you are posting on Facebook can be directly formatted to fit the vision of Google+.  Although difficult for a large team or company, more direct interaction with followers on both platforms would be desired and expected for a smaller scale business.

Twitter: Similar to Facebook, Twitter is a social media giant that takes constant upkeep. Both The Kings and The Warriors are great in that they truly post with their audience in mind, take full creative advantage of the character-limited status, and utilize hashtags. It is important to remember that Twitter is a live feed, so you shouldn’t be afraid to post multiple tweets in a short time frame to ensure your news doesn’t get buried in the updates. A great way to do this is through live tweeting, which consists of tweeting about events that are happening in the present. Both teams demonstrate this on their sites by live tweeting during games; however, The Warriors truly go above and beyond to ensure that any fan that is not able to attend the game doesn’t miss a beat. If your company doesn’t have a large-scale event – don’t worry -feel free to tweet about live nationwide events that you know your fans will be interested in and most likely watching.

Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media RightPinterest: Pinterest has been growing exponentially and can be a huge force behind your social media campaign. When comparing the two basketball teams, the first thing noticed is that The Kings haven’t updated their page in 15 weeks. It cannot be stressed enough that if you are going to advertise a social media outlet on your home page, it has to be kept up to date. Even with this pitfall, The Kings demonstrate great visual hooks that draw fans to their page. Although The Warriors have a lot of self-promotion, they demonstrate pinning done right in that they post regularly, create fan-relevant boards such as merchandise, featured fans, and players, and they include candid shots that are noticeably not edited by a professional. By doing this, The Warriors let fans see a different, more relatable, side of them that can make their followers feel more included. Take a note from The Warriors when pinning on your own company boards, and remember that Pinterest is a keyhole into the real, spunky, personality filled, inner workings of your business.

Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Right

Instagram: Instagram has recently exploded as a social media channel and has provided a great opportunity to join something that is still up and coming. This social network allows users to tell stories by posting pictures, utilizing hashtags, and commenting on what interests them. It would be helpful to any business (no matter how big) to become familiar with this network since it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. When you look at both teams’ profiles, you can see that they are right on point. Not only do they post (almost) daily, they show pictures that are sure to get their fans riled up and interested. The Warriors go a Creatine Marketing Reviews Basketball Teams Doing Social Media Rightstep beyond The Kings in that they also post behind the scenes photos of team events and happenings. You should definitely take notice of this sincere strategy employed by The Warriors since fans and followers yearn to be personally involved in the happenings of your business and will cherish anything you share that can’t be found elsewhere online.

Now that you have witnessed The Golden State Warriors and The Sacramento Kings go head-to-head in the social media arena, take the maneuvers that worked and apply them to your own marketing campaign. Although you might not get customers walking in painted head to toe in your company colors, you will gain a fresh customer relationship that will reflect in your sales.

By: Dana Andersen, Creatine Marketing

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