Creatine Marketing Reviews | Promotional Posts and Facebook Ads

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July 29, 2013
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Creatine Marketing Reviews | Promotional Posts and Facebook Ads

Do They Work, and How do you Use them Wisely?

Creatine Marketing Reviews | Promotional Posts and Facebook AdsIf you haven’t noticed, the Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. More and more businesses are finding that investing their money in phonebook ads doesn’t bring them a large return on investment. Simply put, the Internet has revolutionized the way people do business—especially the way people market their business. If your company is already utilizing the tools available on the Internet, kudos, and welcome to the 21st century! But if your organization is struggling to adjust to the pace of the modern day digital revolution, have no fear, the social media experts are here!

Creatine Marketing regularly reviews the latest online trends to ensure your business invests wisely. Your company certainly needs a social media business strategy, but social media has so many dimensions it’s hard to see it holistically. Tackle learning what the best social networks for your business are, one step at a time. So go ahead and take your first step away from the Yellow Pages, it’s ok to walk away, because, for your knowledge and convenience, Creatine Marketing reviews Facebook’s promotional posts and ads.

Creatine Marketing Reviews | Promotional Posts and Facebook Ads

Today, over one billion people actively use Facebook, making it a great outlet to market your business online. With so many users and so many different kinds of people in the world, it’s important to target an audience that is in need of what your business has to offer. Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to reach the right people, because you can create various ads that target audiences based on your business’ location, demographics, mission, and interest. Here’s how it works:

Creatine Marketing Reviews | Promotional Posts and Facebook Ads1. Firstly, you must create a business page. Be sure to share this page with as many people as you can, because the more “likes” you get, the more newsfeeds your business’ posts will show up on. So, share, share, share!

2.Implement the ads feature to reach your fans, or soon to be fans, rather. Create multiple ads to attract different kinds of people and show off various aspects of your business. Once you have created the ads you can use the targeting option to show the ads to the people you want to reach. Facebook ads appear in the right and left margins on the user’s home screen, so they’re visible on the page they see most often. Facebook also has a review feature that allows you to see which versions of your ads are more effective and are bringing in more potential clients.

3.Now that you have fans, be sure to engage and influence them. Post interesting content to encourage your fans to interact. When people “like,” comment, or check-in to your page you increase your chances of reaching all of their friends and followers as well.

If you feel your business’ Facebook page is still not generating enough traction, there’s another social media business strategy that is becoming more and more popular, simply because, it works! Facebook now grants its users the ability to promote their posts or even promote their page to increase Facebook fans. When you promote a specific post you are basically paying to move it higher up on your friends’ news feeds. This feature raises the amount of total views your post will get, making it more likely to be seen, liked, commented, or clicked on. The price of promoting your post varies depending on whether you’re promoting from a personal account or a Facebook page, and duration of the promotion. Promoting a post will certainly get it seen by more people, but when exactly should you pay to promote a post?

Your audience will know that you paid to promote your post, as all promoted posts are tagged “sponsored” in bottom right hand corner of the post. You also don’t want to rack up a colossal credit card bill because of your Facebook activity, so consider these factors before promoting any post:


It doesn’t make sense to promote something when you first post it. When a new update is posted on Facebook it automatically goes to the top of that persons’ followers’ newsfeeds. Their post will stay relevant and continue to be seen for at least a few hours.

Let your post continue on its natural process and accumulate the “likes” it would have gained without being promoted. It’s important to see if a post is promising before you decide to promote it. If the post does well organically, and is engaging a lot of people, paying to promote it after the hype dies down will make it even more popular.


Posts have a shelf life. Evaluate whether or not the post is still relevant before you pay to promote it. If your post is about news that occurred yesterday, and is only specific to that moment in time, or has already been forgotten, it wouldn’t be smart to promote that event.

Facebook is one of the best social networks for aiding your business growth. Say goodbye to the Yellow Pages, its time to get your business seen online.

By Avery Barnes | Creatine Marketing

Creatine Marketing Reviews | Promotional Posts and Facebook Ads

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