Creatine Marketing Reviews | The New Instagram with Video

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July 7, 2013
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Creatine Marketing Reviews | The New Instagram with Video

Creatine Marketing Reviews | The New Instagram with VideoI must make a rather surprising confession: I’ve never been much of a social media gal. In fact, I had never tweeted, or even used Twitter previous to my first day as an intern here at Creatine Marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been aware of what the cool social networks are, but honestly never invested the time to develop my own online presence— lucky for all of you, because quite frankly, I’m not that interesting.

That being said, I have a second confession to make: I’m an Instagram fiend. Yes, I’m that girl on your news feed who thinks her iPhone5’s camera establishes her as a professional photographer. I photograph anything and everything I find creative. I mean it: anything from my food, to trash in the street, and even my left over eraser shavings— all in the pursuit of “art.” But isn’t that what Instagram is all about? Over 130 million users are active on Instagram— that’s a lot of photos, a lot of creativity, and a whole lot of double tapping!

Creatine Marketing Reviews | The New Instagram with VideoSo, what is it about Instagram that turned this anti-online sharing girl into the person who clogs your feed? For me, Instagram isn’t just about current social news, it’s about transforming everyday moments into memorable creativity— it’s a new way of sharing, and even a new way of thinking. As my Instagram portfolio grows I’ve come to appreciate the app more and more, for it allows me to see how even a short space of time can be memorable. And while I certainly can’t capture every instant for my Instagram, I believe I’ve acquired a whole new appreciation for each present moment in my life.

Last week, Instagram extended this “present moment” to a 15 second long clip with it’s latest “version 4.0” upgrade. Now Instagram users are no longer limited to a static image when sharing, they can instead share 15 seconds of static noise!

Creatine Marketing Reviews | The New Instagram with VideoTo say the least, I’m pretty disappointed with Instagram’s decision to move away from photographs to visual moving images. Sure, our feeds can now move, but this isn’t a move in the right direction for this app. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this update take the “Insta” out of Instagram? I understand the app’s desire to attain versatility, especially in the face of growing popularity among video apps like Vine, but that’s why iTunes has nearly a million apps; they all serve a different and distinct function.

Perhaps I take my Instagram far too seriously (probably true), but I know I’m not the only one experiencing feelings of discontentment with the new video feature. Others have complained that Instagram is jeopardizing their product’s uniqueness in the pursuit to compete with Vine, the trending video app. I’ve heard people complain about both the visual and the sound quality of the video feature.

Instagram’s videos begin playing after a single tap of your screen, making it really easy to accidentally play a video when scrolling through your feed; a not only, annoying factor, but also a quality that may disable you from using Instagram in quiet areas.


Videos on Instagram are shaky, even when using the cinema feature that is supposed to stabilize your video after you take it, and the filters don’t collaborate well with moving images.

I must admit, this new feature could mean a lot for sharing current social news, but it takes away from the personal creativity Instagram once offered its users. Many are wondering what this upgrade could mean for the future of Instagram. To answer that question I think we need to go straight to Instagram’s artists.

So, what does this mean for your content? Does the new video feature enable you to share moments a static photo simply cannot capture? I’d like to hear your thoughts, feel free to recount your Instagram video experiences by commenting below.

By Avery Barnes | Creatine Marketing


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Creatine Marketing Reviews | The New Instagram with Video

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