Do it Yourself Social Media: Why You Should Be On Google+

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Do it Yourself Social Media: Why You Should Be On Google+

Google While most businesses have realized the importance of setting up a website and ensuring that their current contact information is available through search engine results, many businesses have yet to cash in on the plethora of marketing opportunities that are available through Google+. Why would a Google+ account be necessary if your business is already being represented through other websites and forms of social media?

Google+ provides specialized communication options that allow a company to provide certain information to very specific people. All customers can have the opportunity to experience promotions and pictures that your team posts, but more personal offers or messages can be sent to people who are grouped in a particular category.

How to add to your circles

All of the “friends” of a business on Google+ appreciate the system of sending individualized messages to certain groups of people. In addition to providing a targeted audience with information that is likely to result in future purchases, the remainder of the audience does not have to wade through a variety of messages that are not relevant to their interests or purchase history.

In addition to allowing personalized posting and sharing of information, Google+ also has some other options available for business to customer (B2C) communication. Messages can be written directly between a business and a consumer, which provides the opportunity for quick and easy business follow-ups. A customer is also able to use this open line of communication to ask questions, provide suggestions, and mention any possible difficulties they are experiencing after services have been rendered or goods purchased. The chance for the company to respond is an invaluable opportunity for proving itself, and then ensuring repeat business.

Google+ also allows businesses to go beyond the typed message form of communication that dominates many other social media sites of this day and age. Google Hangout provides businesses with a free video chat service. Video chats allow for an even greater personal communication experience. In addition to providing information in real time, video chats also allow businesses to show or demonstrate a particular product or service. Consumers can also use this opportunity to show their questions or concerns, especially if they involve an image of the product or treatment (or its aftermath).

With all of these free and useful communication options, a Google+ account should not be a resource that your company (whether small, mid-sized or large) overlooks. Incorporate Google+ into your social media marketing strategy and let the results speak for themselves.

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