Do You Watch Live TV So You Can Tweet About It? #NowWatching

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March 8, 2014
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Do You Watch Live TV So You Can Tweet About It? #NowWatching

I’m sure you’ve noticed the #Hashtags on the bottom of your tv screen when you are watching your favorite shows, and have even gone online and “Liked” that show’s Facebook page. Who doesn’t want to keep up on the latest drama?

Social Media and Live TV

Television networks have incorporated social media into their marketing campaigns with the purpose of increasing the word-of-mouth buzz surrounding tv shows – and it works! Social media has changed the way that audiences engage with television. Within the last year, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals that multitask via smartphone while watching live tv. Also, the number of individuals that choose to watch television shows live has increased. These two changes are likely associated with the incorporation of social media.

Shows such as NBC’s The Voice, and awards shows such as the MTV Video Music Awards and the Oscars, incorporate live tweets into their broadcast. This entices a lot more audience participation, and encourages viewers to be sure and tune in to live tv broadcasts. With so many Americans relying on DVR/TiVo to watch their favorite shows, television networks aren’t hesitating to jump on this social media bandwagon.

Not only is the incorporation of social media good for ratings, the conversation that fans are spurring about the programming are also providing valuable feedback that allows producers and networks to know what’s working and what isn’t. Networks can utilize these conversations by engaging with viewers after the broadcast and creating a relationship with them – keeping fans emotionally attached to the shows.

Do you use social media while you watch live TV?

Many television viewers find themselves on a social network during and/or after watching their favorite show to:

• Obtain more information about a show, product or service (43%)
• get coupons and promotional codes (32%)
• enter a contest/sweepstakes (31%)
• watch another video (26%)
• interact about the show or product (26%)
• connect with others with similar interests (21%)
• share or recommending video/program to others (20%)
• make a purchase (16%) 

It wasn’t until I began writing this article that I realized I fall into many of these categories of viewers. Most recently, before I began watching HBO’s The Newsroom I actually went to their webpage and read about the program and its reviews prior to making the effort of squeezing another show into my TV routine. Extra, an entertainment news broadcast, utilizes contests and sweepstakes to draw people to their webpage. Reality shows such as Celebrity Apprentice or any of the Real Housewives on Bravo have lead me to a Twitter or Facebook page because I find it interesting to hear what their opinion is of this weeks episode. Most importantly, for me, social media has allowed me to hear unique opinions regarding topics that interest me and it provides me, an average young adult, to share my opinion to people who may actually appreciate it.
Ultimately, social media is in everyone’s daily lives but the way it is presented to us and the way we utilize it varies.


Written by Sureena Johl for Creatine Marketing

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