Ebay uses QR codes for charity – Use a smart-phone to make donations
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With the wide variety of Christmas themed campaigns launched involving augmented reality or QR codes, it’s refreshing to see one that makes use of them for a good cause. Toys for Tots and eBay have teamed up and installed interactive shop windows in New York (at 35th and Broadway) and San Francisco (at 117 Post St). The displays feature a number of toys with a virtual price tag and accompanying QR code.

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By downloading the eBay app and scanning the respective QR code with your smartphone, you can donate anything between $2 to $25 to the Give-A-Toy Store. Once a donation is made, the toys come to life and express their gratitude by celebrating.
All proceeds go to the Give-A-Toy Store which donates toys to children in need. If you’re not near either New York or San Francisco, you can make a donation by visiting the Give-A-Toy Store site.

What a great way to use technology!

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