Five Fun Marketing Ideas to Grab Attention and Encourage Interaction

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February 14, 2013
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Five Fun Marketing Ideas to Grab Attention and Encourage Interaction

Five Fun Marketing Ideas to Grab Attention and Encourage InteractionAs you probably know, it is often difficult to hold a person’s attention with social media marketing. You can plot day in and day out of ways to better your marketing plan, but the ugly truth is – if you’re not interested in what you’re doing, why should someone else be? To help ratify this unfortunate conundrum that we all too often find ourselves in, we present to you five fun marketing ideas that are sure to not only bring clicks and shares to your pages, but to leave your office in high spirits.

1. Photo Contest. What’s better than creating a fun contest that YOU get to be the judge of? By asking fans to send in their most creative uses of your products or services, you have the opportunity to utilize social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr in a fun and unique way. The feedback you could potentially receive opens up a number of possibilities that allow you to monitor, commend, and maybe even apply these alternative uses, that you otherwise never would have dreamed of, to your marketing campaigns. Tons of fans interacting with your page while monitoring cool (and most likely humorous) photos all day? – I would say win and win.

2. Spokesperson with Some Personality. Who doesn’t love the Geico Gecko or Flo at Progressive? Giving your company a spokesperson with some sass can better identify your company while boosting interaction potential with your social media platforms. ConsiderFive Fun Marketing Ideas to Grab Attention and Encourage Interaction adding an “ask me anything” section to your favorite sites where customers may inquire information from someone who never breaks character. Similar to the Siri craze on I-Phone, your company page can show your humorous side while providing customers with the information they need to keep them coming back.

3. Let Your Workers’ Individualities Shine On. Social media marketing is all about letting your customers see the human side of your company. What better way to do this than to let your employees’ individual quirks shine through? By creating an “About Us” page on your site (or by featuring an employee a week on your social media platforms), you can give your employees the freedom to let their fun flag fly. By creating fun profiles and listing interests and hobbies outside the business scope, you can create real connections with your followers and allow them to relate to your company on a whole new level. Not only will followers want to see what new things “Josh H. from Accounting” is up to in regards to his rock band, they will want to see what new products and services your company is offering as well!

4. Reward Cards. Who else believes that getting that last hole punched on your rewards card earning you a free sandwhich for next time is the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD?! (This subject can lead to overexcitement here at the office.) Well guess what – you have the power to give your consumers that exact feeling that you love so much. Consider holding a reward card design contest amongst employees, and having the winning design featured on your website. Not only will it be a little friendly competition for your office, you will attract customers with the thing they like best – free stuff.

5. Feature “Employees Caught In The Act”.  We all know the lengths we will go to get our jobs done right, but do other people know this side of your company? Consider creating a weekly spot on your blog or a special hashtag for “employees caught in the act”. This promotion can feature “candid” photos of your co-workers’ funniest tasks that will be sure to drive traffic to your sites. Whether it’s trolling the Internet for memes, suiting up in ridiculous outfits to clean, or researching the newest line of sock puppets – your followers will be entertained and more likely to share your content. Although your office employees may always be keeping one eye open – you will boost morale of your social pages as well as your office space.

Five Fun Marketing Ideas to Grab Attention and Encourage Interaction

With these fun marketing ideas, we know you can get your fans and followers just as excited about your marketing campaigns as your employees will be. Go forth in creating something that everyone will be talking about and never forget to always have fun in the process! 

By: Dana Andersen, Creatine Marketing


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