HootSuite knows how to use LinkedIn for Business

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March 8, 2014
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March 8, 2014
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HootSuite knows how to use LinkedIn for Business

HootSuite and LinkedIn for Business

Looking for work or changing careers is both exciting and time consuming. HootSuite has recognized this and is here to help you use LinkedIn for business. Our Certified Developer status with LinkedIn gives you the ability to use LinkedIn to comb the social network for job opportunities. To help get you acquainted with the Dashboard’s functionality, or just give you a refresher, we have a new #HootTip all about a handy HootSuite feature.

Using LinkedIn to Search for Jobs

LinkedIn is a powerful social network as well as an amazing place to find career opportunities. Looking through job listings – even online – can take up a lot of time. To streamline your career seeking efforts, HootSuite has added a “Job Search” feature. Be prepared to set up a whole new stream of opportunities.

Here’s How

  1. Once you’ve added your LinkedIn network, go to your profile tab, and click “+ Add Stream”.AddStream LinkedIn HootSuite

  2. Next, click “LinkedIn” in the sidebar and select the “Job Search”.

  3. From here, select the LinkedIn profile you want search for, enter in a search query, and press “Add Stream”. Job Search HootSuite LinkedIn

  4. This will create a stream with a list of jobs that have the keyword you typed in!

Job Stream HootSuite

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