How Social Media is Like Coffee

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December 28, 2013
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How Social Media is Like Coffee

How Social Media is like CoffeeIf a bleary-eyed and less than energetic worker is asked, especially early in the morning, about their apparent lack of enthusiastic focus, they will more often than not respond that a nice caffeinated cup of coffee will improve their performance.

Most bosses would gladly let that employee access their coffee. That worker is much more valuable to them when they possess a bit of energy. The coffee provides them with the capabilities they need to do their job effectively. The business as a whole can then benefit from the completion of these tasks.

How can a social media business strategy provide your company with the same benefits that coffee provides that tired worker? Social media can also endow a company with the capability to complete tasks that are required for success. These are often in the form of tool sets, which include an online presence, and the ability to easily communicate with a large audience. Social media sites also allow businesses to be searched quickly by potential consumers. They are then more accessible, and able to answers questions that customers may have regarding their products. This convenient contact availability through social media has the potential of attracting more customers. Social media also provides companies with the ability to respond, publicly or privately, to comments that relate to their services.

How Social Media is like Coffee

Let’s go back to our tired worker, who has attempted to perform their job with a complete lack of fuel. They are not really “present,” and therefore not available to respond to tasks and requests that come up throughout the day.

If a business has not yet created profile in social media, they are also not present in a very popular and powerful location. Primary communications are being delivered through social media by a great majority of the population. The topics being discussed cover everything from professional to personal topics. How could a business protect their reputation, report their newest features, and deliver information about their special deals if they are not even in the picture?

Now, our worker may be incredibly engaged until the afternoon, when they might require another cup of coffee. Their original fuel intake could only hold them over for a certain amount of time, and then they needed a “fill-up” in order to keep up their progress through the end of the workday.

How could business social media presences benefit from a re-fueling? If a company has an established social media profile, it will not continue to be effective on its own. Information needs to be kept current, and notifications must be sent out.

How Social Media is Like CoffeeThese messages are much cheaper than any type of printed, mailed, or broadcast material would be! If a particularly good deal or interesting tidbit is posted, it may merit being “shared” or “re-posted” by followers of the business. This increases the audience, and potential consumer base, even more! This type of rich content must be interesting, informative, and worthwhile.

Additionally, a continually updated social media presence is necessary for reputation purposes. Was an excellent comment about the business posted anywhere? That should definitely be re-shared and publicized. Was there a complaint anywhere? That should be addressed and corrected. If the issue is resolved in a quick and public manner, it could actually create a positive twist on the situation by showing other potential consumers that this company cares enough to take an interest in correcting individual problems.

It’s a good thing the company had enough coffee today, allowing them to successfully navigate their social media presence and responsibilities!

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