How To Create A Social Media Savvy Business Card

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March 8, 2014
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March 8, 2014
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How To Create A Social Media Savvy Business Card

Article written by Mart Prööm

Social Media Savvy Business Cards

I recently picked up a new hobby of collecting well-designed and interesting business cards (you can view my entire collection here). Soon I began to notice how only a few of those business cards actually featured anything that’s related to social media or QR codes for that matter. Close to none had any links to their Facebook page and if they did, they were missing a call-to-action. Seriously. None had a call-to-action to go visit their blog or download resources.

In my opinion, business cards still serve a strong purpose. You can easily direct your customers, partners and new leads to your social media channels – sure, a certain amount of your buyers might already be liking your Facebook page or reading your blog but certainly not all of them. Even my favorite bakery has their own business cards and they could definitely make it social media savvy. QR code promotions anyone?

Link to your content through QR codes!

Add a QR Code to your business card and feel free to design it accordingly to your corporate visual image and/or taste. A good trick is to feature a call-to-action beside the QR code. For example you can link that QR code to an address on your domain which you can 301 redirect, so you can easily swap out the links and keep the featured content fresh such as monthly discounts, exclusive offers or different campaign landing pages. This way you don’t have to make a new business card each time you want to feature different content. For some creative inspiration I suggest viewing 15 Beautiful and Creative QR Codes post by Mashable. You can make your own QR codes here.

Add Links!

Provide links to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog. While doing this, it’s essential to have short and easily memorable url’s to effectively link the offline world with online.  If your url is hard to remember, you might be in trouble! If you still haven’t set a vanity url for your Facebook page, you can do so here.

Use call to actions!

Add a call-to-action! It’s not enough to just feature links to your Facebook fanpage or blogroll. What is there to gain from liking your FB page? Keep it short and simple such as “Join us on FB to get exclusive promotions”.

Use Creative Approach

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As far as design is concerned, don’t just stick with the traditional standards! Be innovative! I have had a friend come up to me and show me an interesting business card just cause he thought it was cool. Would that have happened if your business card was traditional? I doubt so. But what if we can make enough of an impact for those people to share the business cards with others?

By the way, if you have a cool business card to share, please post it in the comments as I would love to add it to my collection.

Also, if you’re really into QR codes I suggest reading our post about how to use QR codes to market your business.

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