How To Create Both an SEO and Reader-Friendly Post Title

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March 8, 2014
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How To Create Both an SEO and Reader-Friendly Post Title

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to best title your blogs. You want to attract readers, AND be conscious of keywords. The article below can help.

Article posted by Bob Dunn on For Bloggers By Bloggers

“Title tags,” the title of a post, matter when it comes to the search engines. But often in our titles, we focus on keywords. And when we do that, the title we choose can be boring. It just doesn’t grab the reader’s attention.

The custom title tag or alt title tag, can be a solution. Below you will see a title for a post that we created.

Alt Title

I wanted it to catch my readers’ eyes. But, at the same time, I wanted to include the keywords “child theme” and “WordPress” to satisfy the SEO gods. But adding “WordPress” to the title seemed overkill for my readers because they already know what this site is about. It  would also make an already long title longer.

The solution? I used a feature many  premium themes have. It is located below your post or page and looks like this. (This is from the Headway theme).

Alt Title SEO

This option gives you an extra SEO boost for the particular post (or page). But best of all, you can now create a title tag for the search engines. My readers will see the title “What is a Child Theme? Can We Play With Them?”

But Google and other search engines will see “What is a Child Theme for WordPress?”

As I mentioned, many premium themes, including Headway and Genesis, have this already built in. But if your theme doesn’t, and you are self-hosted, just install the plugin “All In One SEO,” which will add this option to all of your pages and posts.

The beauty of this feature is that you can have an appealing, fun, reader-friendly title on the front end of your post and get this keywords and search terms in there for Google on the back need.

Will you use this tool? Have you already been taking advantage of it? Let us know.


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