How to Create the “Perfect” Post | Social Networking Strategy

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How to Create the “Perfect” Post | Social Networking Strategy

How to Create the "Perfect" Post | Social Networking StrategyIf you ever find yourself wondering, “why is it that no one besides my mom likes my status updates,” you may need a new social networking strategy. The Internet is a blank slate for everyone: even if you were the laughing stock of your high school, always the last to be picked for intramural `sports, or the colleague that is ever invited up to the executive floor with the racquetball court, you can still be the all the rage on the internet if you apply the right social media tips. Don’t believe me? Try out this do it yourself social media advice and see for yourself!

1. Plan

Don’t be that person clogging everyone’s feed: plan your posts and know the platform you’re posting on. If you’re using Facebook, posts tend to stay in your friends’ news feeds longer, so frequent posting can be overbearing and cause your friends to skip over your posts for even un-friend you. As long as your post is “post-worthy,” — and not a series of 6 tweets offering a play-by-play of the season finale of Game of Thrones included with your initial reactions– frequent updates on Twitter are acceptable given they will get buried quickly.

How to Create the "Perfect" Post | Social Networking StrategyNo matter how interesting your post may be, it wont be very effective if no one sees it! Be sure to plan your posts for times when they will get the most views. Opportune posting times will maximize the audience you reach and increase your chances of engaging. Get to know your fans and followers, If you notice more engagement in the evening– then that is the optimal time to push out content. However, if you notice that your audience is more receptive first thing in the morning, then make sure to post interesting news and images early in order to be their source for news and trending topics.What constitutes a post worthy post? I’m glad you asked: make sure your information is correct. The most appealing updates inform your audience about something, but nothing’s worse than misinforming or misspelling. Re-read your posts before you finalize them, and confirm any information you may be providing. If applicable include a link, interesting articles and reliable sources make your posts stand out.

2. Be Interactive

Drawing a larger audience to your posts highly depends on how interactive you are with other users. Whether you post, comment, reply, mention or retweet other’s information and/or posts you’ll start to strengthen your brand a little more. Enhance your online presence and encourage a group of interactive followers by following their profiles so they in turn follow and promote yours.

If you’re executing do-it-yourself social media for your business, make sure you stay interactive with your audience at all times, not just when you’re working. Make your company’s social media presence personal and interactive by engaging in conversations with other users and replying to their comments in a timely fashion.

3.Use Pictures   

Many of us are visual beings! The internet has also made us less patient, thus users are more likely to be scrolling through their feeds very quickly, an interesting picture will catch their eye as opposed to a paragraph of writing.

How to Create the "Perfect" Post | Social Networking Strategy4. Exclude overly personal information

Social media is supposed to be social, but don’t act like every one of your followers is your BFF. Don’t be an over-sharer, not everyone is as interested in knowing the most revealing details of your personal life. You want to make your posts relatable, and not just tailored to your specific life circumstances. Keep a healthy balance between your personal life and your business objectives. More people are likely to share if they find an interest in what you’re posting about or feel like it’s applicable to them in some way.

5. Make your posts well-rounded

Don’t just include information about your work and/or school. Your wall shouldn’t look like the Yellow Pages and your friends’ feeds shouldn’t be spammed with advertisements all the time. Post about a range of things. Your social media sites should reflect your personality in some aspects, and nobody has solely one interest. Keep things lively.

How to Create the "Perfect" Post | Social Networking Strategy6. Keep things positive

Nothing’s worse than that person who is constantly complaining online. Avoid always being highly critical, whining, or complaining. Posting about your mood can be very tempting but also risky. Don’t post about something you don’t want to talk about, or post to solely complain. Don’t be a Debbie Downer for your followers, positivity breeds engagements and sharing!

With these social media tips you’re now prepared to embrace the inter-web in an effective and acceptable manner. Get out there and create the perfect posts!

By Avery Barnes | Creatine Marketing

How to Create the “Perfect” Post | Social Networking Strategy

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