How to Handle It When Google+ and Facebook Update Their Designs
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As you may have heard, Facebook revealed it’s new Graph Search today featuring a brand new way to approach your News Feed. As if this wasn’t news enough, Google+ has also just revealed new profile changes that went into effect yesterday. So what do you do when two huge platforms roll out changes in hopes to achieve the social traction they so desperately need? – You sit back, relax, and let us show you what’s really going on.

How to Handle It When Google  and Facebook Update Their Designs

On the Google+ front, you have bigger profile pictures and bigger cover photos. By expanding the dimensions of these features, Google+ hopes to cater to the user who can now use any photo they like without having to decide what to crop out. Like Facebook, these two photos set the tone for who a person is and it is important to give the user enough room to show their creativity. Google has also released a feature that lets you search local places, upload photos of your experience there, provide reviews, and even set up meetings there for your selected circles to see. Under this Local Tab, you will be able to find places around you that are recommended by the people you trust. Last but not least, the usability has greatly improved with easier to access profile edits, a new About Me design, and the ability to highlight and favorite posts when a +1 just isn’t enough. Google+ has stepped it up in a dire moment and it will be exciting to see how they hold up against Facebook’s new updates.

How to Handle It When Google  and Facebook Update Their DesignsIn Facebook news, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have officially announced the changes that you can expect to see with the new Graph Search. They plan to take the current News Feed and transform it into something that (in Mark Zuckerberg’s words) focuses on “Richer Stories”, “Choice of Feeds”, and “Mobile Consistency”. Not only will you find a more visually engaging News Feed with larger, more beautiful, photos, you will also find a less crowded space. Facebook gives users the power to choose what updates they see (whether they want Friend updates, Fan Page updates, Interest updates, etc.) without missing a beat. You will now be able to see every single updated post, in

How to Handle It When Google+ and Facebook Update Their Designschronological order, from all of your friends in separate,  yet conveniently labeled, News Feed Tabs. If you are particularly interested in Taylor Swift, or the movie Argo, you may now search for particular keywords, articles,places, and interests so that you may find exactly what you are looking for amongst your friends. Don’t worry though – you can be hidden from Facebook searches by editing your privacy settings if this feature falls outside of your comfort zone. Keeping their audience in mind, Facebook is alsoHow to Handle It When Google  and Facebook Update Their Designs
making it easier than ever to switch devices since they have kept the layout consistent across platforms.Overall, Facebook seems like they really did their homework on what their consumers want and it will be interesting to see how their billions of users react to the changes.

If you haven’t noticed changes to your profiles yet, don’t worry. Both companies plan to rollout changes over a period of time in an attempt to ease users into the new designs. All we can hope for now is that we are prepared for the modifications when they come and that they are all they are promised to be. And that’s that.

How to Handle It When Google+ and Facebook Update Their Designs

By: Dana Andersen, Creatine Marketing

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