How To Leverage Twitter for Business: 101

How To Use Facebook for Business
March 9, 2012
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March 23, 2012
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How To Leverage Twitter for Business: 101

How To Use Twitter for Business

These days almost everyone is doing business online. That’s good for you if you are an online based business or a business that has a website. However, it’s only good if you know how to effectively market yourself and your products online. You really are not going to make it very far in the online world if no one is able to find your business.

Nearly everyone belongs to a variety of online social networking sites, so naturally, it is important for your business to also belong to those networking sites. Twitter has been and will continue to be one of the most prominent social networking sites you can take advantage of, so if you are not using it, start!

Of course, just signing up for Twitter isn’t going to get your company noticed and followed. Like with Facebook, if you really want to attract attention from others you have to talk about interesting stuff; post links to videos and pictures, as well as posting relevant business information. Remember to keep a happy balance between company posts, article shares, and other interesting content. You don’t want to tweet promotions for your business all day. This will turn your current followers off and discourage others from following you. ENGAGE your followers by asking questions and responding to theirs. Customers rarely care about your brand or business. They care about their problems being solved. Build and maintain relationships with them by helping them out! ENCOURAGE them to share your content by simply asking them to “please retweet”. Keep them ENTERTAINED with humor, polls about subjects that may not be directly linked to your business, or articles that you found interesting.

You also want to get your business message across in a fashion that doesn’t come off as pushy or “sales-y”. Instead of tweeting a link and suggesting your followers read it, let them know a bit about the link or why you think they should click on it. Build anticipation with a question or a quote relevant to the article.

In order for your content to be discovered and have the most reach, you need to have a good following. To speed up the process retweet some things that you find interesting even if they are not going to benefit your company. Sometimes it is the little things that make people remember there is a real person behind the computer. Make sure you also comment on some of your followers tweets. No, you do not have to comment on every tweet or even every tweet to you. However, you should acknowledge the tweets that you can. Recommending your followers to others is also a practice that is widely used across Twitter.

Finally, avoid using technical terms in your tweets. You may have followers that are not familiar with your industry and the will lose interest in you if they don’t understand you. A good rule of thumb is to write at a “smart 9th grade level”. This does not mean to use a lot of text slang, nor is it a recommendation to be sloppy. This is simply a way to remember to keep things simple.

Twitter is a remarkable tool for business and if you are not leveraging it, you are doing yourself a huge disservice . Statistics say that your 60% of a sales cycle is over by the time your prospective customers have made the effort to contact you. This is done through their own research on the internet, asking around for referrals, etc. You want to be part of that 60%! So get yourself out there and get your business seen!



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