Interviewing Creatine Marketing| Daniel Fleetwood, Co-Founder

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March 8, 2014
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March 8, 2014
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Interviewing Creatine Marketing| Daniel Fleetwood, Co-Founder

 Interviewing Creatine Marketing| Daniel Fleetwood, Co-FounderIn an attempt to delve deeper into the ideas and minds behind Creatine Marketing, we have decided to open the doors to our home and let our friends, clients, and fans see our true vision. What a better way to do this than to interview one of the masterminds of the operation, Co-Founder Daniel Fleetwood? Below you will find some of the key questions needed to truly get to know us, answered by none other than our very own CEO.

Q: What gave you the idea to start your own social media marketing firm?

A: At the last businesses I headed, we did all of our own marketing and happened to be very good at it. Many of the marketing firms we were looking to hire had little to add to our in-house campaigns and acknowledged the fact that many of the services they provided were already being accomplished. When I moved on from my first business in hopes of starting another, I decided that the marketing skills and business skills learned from my first endeavor would be a killer combination for a great social media marketing firm. 

Q: How can companies benefit from outsourcing their social media marketing?

A: There are many benefits to hiring a marketing firm. First of all, when you hire an employee you only get that one person’s skill set, which can be very limiting. In addition to that, keeping social media marketing in house can be very expensive since you have to go through the process of keeping an employee on board. It can also be difficult for one person to keep up with all of the news and happenings surrounding the field. The main benefits of outsourcing your social media marketing are that you will get a whole team of experts analyzing and posting for your campaign, you won’t have to go through the hassles of hiring, and you will receive superior service at a lesser cost.

Q: Who are the customers that would benefit most from outsourcing their social media marketing? 

A: Our typical customers are companies who are busy running their own business and don’t have time to figure out social media; they know they need it, but it isn’t cost effective for them to try and understand it for themselves. The other types of customers are businesses that are ready to grow. If they need to get more clients and want more customer reach, that is the perfect time for us to get involved.

Q: What sets Creatine Marketing apart from the other social media marketing firms? 

A: The one thing I say that sets us apart, is that some marketing firms have a set marketing plan and will try to fit their model to a business, while we look at where the business is and match up a plan for what they need right now. We really consider a company’s target market so that their plan can be as effective as possible. We want to know who they’re trying to reach and what voice they are trying to convey. We also take the time to analyze where they are in their business cycle, whether they are a start-up, trying to build a fan base, or promoting an already developed idea, so that we can customize the perfect strategy. 

Q: If you were to choose the top three reasons why a business would want to work with you, what would they be?

A: I already touched on it a little, but the business experience is very important. Our tools and software are very cutting edge and we are very up to date on current trends and what the hot things are that we need to touch on. I guess this is four, but we are also a product of the product. We have gone through the same process ourselves as we offer to our clients. 

Q: What can oncoming clients expect initially when they come to Creatine Marketing for help? 

A: Of course it depends on what services the client signs up for.  If they are a full service client that needs branding and logo design, we need to truly understand the message, emotions, and overall image the company is trying to convey. Do they want to communicate trust, or are they trying to be fun, or is it important that they appear cutting edge? What it usually boils down to is that customers often don’t know what it is exactly that they want. Because of this, we have developed a questionnaire for businesses to fill out and we look for patterns and common themes in their answers to start brainstorming branding ideas. For example, a real estate company we were working with used the keyword “trust” many times in their forms, so we knew it was a big deal to them. Once we have a logo, tagline, and overall brand image that everyone is happy with, we can begin website development dependent on what the client wants to achieve with their page. We have to find the perfect balance between look and functionality in order for the site to be effective. Social media set-up can also be started during the web design phase. Both of these processes are ongoing since we want to make sure that all client pages are constantly updated.

Q: What is your favorite part about working here? Is there a specific example you could share with us?

A: My favorite part about working here, well there are probably two things, is that you get to be creative and with every new client you accept a new challenge of figuring out exactly what they need. All clients are different and it keeps work exciting. The other thing I enjoy is seeing the client go from start to finish and being able to experience with them the excitement that accompanies setup and business growth. A good example of this is a father/son dentist team that came to us needing a whole reworking of their company image. We interviewed them, had them fill out all the forms, and had to draw the vision they had in their mind out so we could conceptualize the idea. We came up with a new name, image, and overall brand that aligned with their goals. After they were all set up, I went over to their office for a photo shoot and the husband and wife actually both gave me a hug because they were so excited about their website and everything we had provided. They never thought they would have a site that could look so good and it was a very rewarding experience.

Q: If you had to choose three social media platforms that all businesses should be on, what would they be?

A: There are probably five, and it really is dependent on their needs, but if I had to choose I would probably say Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The reason for YouTube is because Google owns it, which means you can index very easily in a Google Search. It doesn’t work for everyone, but LinkedIn is also a huge contender for some businesses. There are many businesses where LinkedIn may arguably be more important than Facebook. An example would be an energy company we worked with whose clients were large companies that were looking to cut down their energy costs. Facebook isn’t the place to get the attention of a VP of a Fortune 500 company so it really does depend on each business’ individual needs.

Q: What are the ultimate goals of Creatine Marketing? 

A: For us, it is very important that we work hard to deliver everything we promised our clients and that we continuously work towards exceeding their expectations. It is important to me that everyone is extremely happy with the services they receive.  One of my personal goals is to partner with a charitable cause and to start giving back to the community. As a company, we have recently added media buying to our services where we can purchase radio and commercial space on behalf of our customers. Now that we are a full service agency, I am very excited to be able to provide clients with everything they need to succeed.


I want to give a personal thank you to Mr. Fleetwood for letting me pick his brain and I hope that this interview has provided some insight into the culture at Creatine Marketing and into social media marketing as a whole. I very much enjoyed talking with this visionary and I can’t wait to see how the company develops and grows in alignment with his goals.


Copy and Interview by: Dana Andersen| Creatine Marketing


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