Land the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tips

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March 29, 2013
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Land the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tips

Land the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tips

Most people have heard of LinkedIn and its ability to connect one individual to a variety of top executives. What you may not have heard, however, is that this networking capability is not exclusive to the LinkedIn platform. Who you choose to friend, follow, connect with, or add to a circle can lead to an endless potential of job opportunities, regardless of the social media site. With this in mind, it is important to portray yourself in a professional manner so that you may optimize your chances of landing the job you have always dreamed of. If you are ready to take the challenge and fight to make your dream a reality, then you have come to the right place. Please sit back and enjoy these nine tips that are sure to get your profiles the right kind of attention. (Feel free to take notes!)

1.     Know what you want.

No matter when or where you start your job hunt it is important to know what it is you are looking for. Whether it is a spot with the top fashion magazine or a partnership with a law firm, it is important that you set your objectives correctly. If it is fashion you’re interested in, make sure to post updates that have to do with the latest trends and interact with people intelligently regarding new styles. If finance is your passion, show that you are well read in the latest articles by sharing your finds with friends and using your updates to bring important issues to light. Choose what it is you want to do and then center your profile around the decision.

2.     Present yourself professionally.

If you take anything away from this article let it be this: what you post on the Internet will come back to haunt you. Because of this, it is very, Very, VERY important to always be professional online. (Did you get the very part?) No matter what social site you use, a potential employer can (and will) use it as a tool to get to know you better. Endless pictures of you attempting to look sexy in the mirror or hammered at the latest frat party won’tLand the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tips reflect well on your character. The best policy is to delete anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see, and if it is absolutely necessary to share these posts with the world – create your profile under a pseudonym.

3.     Learn to spell.

In extension to the point above, it is important that anything you write on your profile, let it be the contents of your about me section, a post, or a comment on a friend’s page, needs to be grammatically correct. No matter how valid a point you have, no one will take it seriously if iT lUkS lYkE dIs. Think of your profile as an extended resume of your personality – it should be neat and easy to read so that your true potential doesn’t get lost in the errors.

4.     Be present.

All the work cleaning up your Facebook and Twitter accounts will mean nothing if you’re not active on the profiles. Show employers that you are someone who gets along with everyone by interacting with your friends (respectively) and posting about things that interest you. Actions speak louder than words and showing a recruiter that you are passionate about something through the articles and posts you choose to share will speak volumes.

5.     Don’t be afraid to add professionals.

LinkedIn is all about adding professionals outside of your network, but what about on other forms of social media? If you notice that a peer is connected to someone in your professional field don’t be afraid to follow them or request their friendship. Often times these moves that feel so bold will actuality be a normality for a top tier employer and a message Land the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tipsstating who you are and why you chose to friend them might make you stand out amongst the crowd. If you find someone you know will be a great connection, add them – the worst they can do is say no.

6.     Take your about me sections seriously.

When using LinkedIn there are clear sections for objectives and career goals but the same luxury is not always true of other social networks. Make it easy for potential employers to know what you’re about by providing a brief, but concise, description of who you are. Take advantage of the About Me sections to show your aspirations and to outline what it truly is that makes you tick. If pages liked are included in this description, make sure to add things to your profile that enhance the goal outlined in point one.

7.     Increase your SEO.

If you are using a site that allows people to search you and your interests, make sure you optimize your chances of being found. Research keywords your job recruiters may be looking for and then use them regularly in your profiles. Not only will your name pop up more often on their end, using these terms correctly and posting around the issues they bring with them will show your true dedication to your dream job.

8.     Know the difference between private and public profiles.

Although it may be obvious, if you want to be found you have to make yourself available. I am in no way advocating for a child on social media to take down their privacy settings, but if a true professional page is what you’re after, consider making it visible to all. More traffic to your profile means a higher chance of being discovered.

9.     Be yourself.

Most importantly – be yourself. Social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter are supposed to be places for friends to connect. Presenting yourself professionally doesn’t mean losing your luster in the process. Employers review these platforms to see who you are outside of the resume posted on LinkedIn so make sure to show them that: A. You are, indeed, human and B: you know how to have fun outside of the office.          

Land the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tips 

Now that you know how to revamp for success, go forward in the profile renovations and professional updates. Have fun putting your best foot forward and giving professionals a profile they will want to find. 

Copy by: Dana Andersen, Creatine Marketing

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