Learn How Social Media Is Taking Over Our Everyday Lives!

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March 8, 2014
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March 8, 2014
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Learn How Social Media Is Taking Over Our Everyday Lives!

Learn How Social Media Is Taking Over Your Everyday Life!As social media grows, the impact that it has on our lives is becoming more apparent than ever. Of course there are the professional ways in which online profiles have changed our traditional methods, such as Googling employers, Facebooking future prospects, and buying online space for Advertising, but social media has also worked its way into our everyday routines in ways you may not even realize. Whether you over use the word “Like” in real conversation or hashtag vocally after completing a thought, there is no doubt that social media has infected our vocal patterns, thought processes, and humor – and that we’ve got it bad. What started as a bad joke has now gone viral and the outlook that we may never escape unaffected is dim. All there is left to do now is embrace this online and mobile application movement. If you have the following symptoms, don’t worry you are just a hip trendsetter.


Symptom One: Believing everywhere you go holds the opportunity of a new profile picture.

We all have those friends that ask you to take ten pictures of them in front of a tree in order to get the perfect pose for their profile picture, but did you ever think you would become them? Walking down a busy street and hiking in the woods has become more overwhelming than ever as you scan your surroundings for creative ways to capture your most innovative photo yet. Instead of looking forward to your wine tasting adventure or the big amusement park day you have planned with your friends, you find your mind wandering to the endless picture opportunities that you will be able to share with your network. If you are unsure thatLearn How Social Media Is Taking Over Your Everyday Life! you have this symptom and are currently in the process of getting dressed up solely for the purpose of a good selfie, chances are you may have caught the bug.


Symptom Two: Not being able to listen to a song without trying to dissect the perfect 140-character stanza.

Never has music held so much meaning than when you are trying to find the perfect one line to describe to your followers exactly how you are feeling in that one instant. Whether you want to party like it’s your birthday or want to reiterate the fact that you are never, ever getting back together with your ex, music provides the perfect opportunity to ease the need to share for a short amount of time. Remember that choosing to show your alternative taste in music has its drawbacks since a line from an unknown song can be taken as a personal sentiment very quickly, causing frustration and embarrassment. When you finally find the perfect snippet, write it down – it won’t be long before the track changes and your mind starts wandering to the next list of opportunities.


Learn How Social Media Is Taking Over Your Everyday Life!Symptom Three: Using your hard earned money to purchase Facebook novelty items.

Although this symptom may not apply directly to everyone, we are all guilty of finding social media novelty items amusing; therefore, reinforcing the trendsetting behavior. Gone are the days of the big red F placed at the top of your paper essay and replaced with it a stamp of a thumb down and the word “DISLIKE”. Everyone knows the power of a like and to be able to give them in ink on someone else’s paper has become pure comic gold. Taking a shower behind your personal Facebook profile has also become quite the conversation starter and can be told again and again in order to makeLearn How Social Media Is Taking Over Your Everyday Life! people envious of your possession. These products are flying off the shelves and, if not cured soon, will become staple gifts at your local white elephant gift exchange for years to come.


Symptom Four: Basing costumes off of your favorite social media platform.

What a better time to demonstrate your love of social media than on Halloween? If your choice of costume has changed from pretty princess and a racecar driver to Yourself On Facebook, it is time you checked yourself in to trendsetting rehab. On Halloween night, streets and houses are littered with fluttering Twitter birds and screen shots of iconic music videos making the disease difficult to ignore. If you plan to fight this revolution you better get prepared – it is only a matter of time before this virus spreads to other holidays that we hold very dear.

facebook costume 300x400

Symptom Five: Ordering food at a restaurant based on what will go best with the Lo-Fi Filter.

When was the last time you ordered food just for the sake of enjoying it? If you find it difficult to have a snack without placing it in the perfect composition for a quick snapshot, we’re sorry to inform you that you are most likely contaminated. Pictures of healthy greenery, followed by decadent dessert, and capped off by a photo of you “being so bad” with your French Fries and Doritos are overwhelming News Feeds all over the nation, enticing appetites and spiking restaurant sales. Remember to be responsible with your new found photography skills since many trendsetters can post too varied of a food selection causingLearn How Social Media Is Taking Over Your Everyday Life! confusion amongst the followers who look up to their eating habits. Lead your devoted food followers down the right path by choosing to post healthy options and, who knows, maybe you will even end up curing the obesity problem in America with your hip and forward thinking ways.


If you haven’t been affected yet, you have better start running – it is only a matter of time before social media works it’s way into your everyday lives as it has done so eagerly to us.


By: Dana Andersen| Creatine Marketing

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