Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for Business

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August 15, 2013
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Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for Business

Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for BusinessLinkedIn.com is one of the top social media networks of our time, boasting 19 million users. It has quickly become the best social networking site for business. LinkedIn’s site focuses users on finding a job, discovering sales leads, and connecting with potential business partners.

If you are wondering, “How can I use LinkedIn for business?” or, “How can it benefit me?” you are not alone. Every day many people turn to LinkedIn when looking for a new career path. Just like these job seekers, many employers are also turning to LinkedIn to seek out qualified candidate to fill new positions. The experience on LinkedIn differs for those looking for a job and those recruiting. The following information is advice for both the employer looking for new workers, as well as the employee looking for a new career.


Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for BusinessWith so many people readily for employers to sift through, the employer may feel as though they have the ultimate power. But LinkedIn is designed to benefit both sides of the employee/employer coin. While it is the responsibility of the employee to try and stand out, it is also the responsibility of the recruiter to create an appealing company page.

  • Start by using keywords in your company description. Prospective employees who are looking for employers search LinkedIn by keywords. An up to date profile is also a must. Potential employees need to have access to current contact and company information. These basic upgrades will attract many more qualified candidates to your company profile page.
  • The next step is to connect to your network. The best connection you have is your personal network. These trusted connections could be friends, family, past employees, or other business associates. They can help you by recommending specific people for you to hire or connect you to others who can find a good fit for your company.
  • You can also go outside of your network via LinkedIn groups and advanced search.  Participants in groups may share the interests, backgrounds, and experience that you seek in a potential employee. Group members may be connected someone that offers the qualifications you seek. Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for Business
  • Finally, create a job listing. Like other sites such as Craigslist, Monster, and Indeed LinkedIn offers a job-posting area. Job seekers can browse through various ads and send their resume either directly, or apply through the company website.


The increase of hiring managers and recruiters using the site to hunt for job candidates and potential employees makes things harder for job seekers. You must really step up to the challenge and create a profile that stands out among the rest.


linkedin4First things first, finish your profile! Don’t settle for a bare-bones description and some basic information. In other words, a simple list of your previous jobs and your birthday is less likely to attract a recruiter than a full description.

  • Start with a photo. This simple step identifies you and paints picture of you as a human being and not just a resume.
  • Customize your URL. This is an important step if you want to be easily searchable. Your custom URL should include your name.
  • A comprehensive profile also includes a precise detailed personal summary. Give yourself personality while also describing your professional interests. Don’t make the summary too long, 100-300 words is enough.
  • Include a detailed description of all of your work experiences and skills. List only the experiences that apply to your current career goals. Don’t list the job you had at 16 working at an ice cream shop if you are now a paralegal.  Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for Business
  • The skills section is often overlooked but highly important. In this section you can brag a little bit, but be honest. Don’t say you speak Spanish when all you know how to do is ask where the restroom is.
  • Ask for recommendations! The recommendation section allows past employers or coworkers to write a short paragraph describing how great you are.
  • Always make sure to include any of your past work. If you have been published include links to those works. If you have created a video post it on your profile. Any examples of your work can help to boost your profile.
  • Stay connected. Create connections and maintain them. These are your connections to future jobs and it is important to converse with them regularly. This can be through messages, connecting with a group, or posting updates on your own profile. LinkedIn is still a social networking site and does require participation.

Looking for Work? Hunting for Talent? | LinkedIn for BusinessAfter creating the perfect profile you may feel as though you are about to get a rush of messages from headhunters and potential employers. But you still have to make the effort to seek people out. You can search keywords for specific jobs, ask your connections, join a group, and check the events or jobs sections. These would all be great opportunities to learn about a job you might not have been able to find anywhere but LinkedIn.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee using LinkedIn for business you have to put in work. You must be appealing and stand out.

What have you done to stand out on LinkedIn?

By Alicia Duran | Creatine Marketing


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