Make St. Patrick’s Day Feel Like Christmas (In a Business Setting)

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March 12, 2013
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Make St. Patrick’s Day Feel Like Christmas (In a Business Setting)

Everyone loves a reason to celebrate (and to cheat on his or her diets). With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning how your company is going to get people excited about your product or service. Don’t worry about St. Paddy’s dayMake St. Patrick’s Day Feel Like Christmas (In a Business Setting) being low on the holiday scale – after following these three simple steps, your employees and customers alike will behave like it’s Christmas.

Show Appreciation Around The Office: Home is where the heart is. Without happy
employees, it is unreasonable to expect happy customers. When you take care of the people that are such an integral part of your business, they will be more likely to believe in the company themselves and, therefore, provide better customer service. Because of this trend, it is important to include your co-workers in on any holiday excitement. Wearing green on this day is a must. Although it may be looked down upon to pinch anyone who doesn’t participate, nothing is stopping you from creating fun/embarrassing props, such as a leprechaun hat or pot of gold, to impose on any employee who left their green at home. Another great idea is to plan a company potluck with festive foods. Encourage employees to bring their favorite Irish dish (creativeness is welcome) and allow them to enjoy each other’s company while on the clock. If you wake up feeling exceptionally festive, consider hiding a pot of gold around the office and creating fun prizes for those who find it first. If there is one thing people enjoy more than eating – it’s winning. Even if your prizes consist of Dollar Tree treasures, your employees’ pride will skyrocket inducing a great morale around the office.

Take Advantage Of Social Media: Social media is a great way to spread cheer in that you can reach millions of people with just one post. People love nothing more than to have an excuse to post a status and, because of this, fun posts taking advantage of the holiday will be more likely to go viral than those posted on any other boring ol’ day. Consider re-vamping Make St. Patrick’s Day Feel Like Christmas (In a Business Setting)your Facebook and Google+ to reflect the holiday by changing your cover photos to Irish inspired logos and posting as much green as you can. Take advantage of the visual aspects of Pinterest and Instagram by displaying your product or service with an Irish twist. Include a shamrock cookie in the dishware you’re selling or feature a leprechaun working for your lawn mowing company. Everyone loves a good idea and loves a good laugh, so be creative with the ways you incorporate the holiday into your company’s vision. On Pinterest, it is a good idea to create a specific board to showcase your holiday flair. On Instagram and Twitter, consider creating specific hashtags to draw attention to your posts and to make them easier to search in the aftermath. Social media is your (intelligent, funny, and just a little weird) friend so treat it as such!

Create A Fun Give-Away:  Nothing makes a customer happier than feeling that they got a deal. Whether you give away a free bag of chocolate coins with purchase or a luck of the Irish inspired discount on your service, your customer will be more likely to buy right now and will most likely be content knowing they wriggled you out of a little money. Similar to the feeling you may get when you receive that sucker at the end of your doctor visit, this gesture makes your customer feel appreciated and justified in choosing your company. If you are feeling especially generous, consider giving a free service, product, or sample to anyone who dresses up as a leprechaun, rainbow, or even a pot of gold. Inspire customers to beMake St. Patrick’s Day Feel Like Christmas (In a Business Setting) creative by giving a larger incentive to the most impressive costume and its runner-ups. Showing the human and enjoyable side of your company will keep customers coming back and will encourage word of mouth references. By creating holiday specific deals, you optimize the opportunity of sales for this time and give customers a reason to buy right now instead of later.

Now that you are equipped with the necessary foundation to make this day great, go forth in your St. Patrick’s Day efforts and let excitement reign. If you’re not open on Sunday, don’t worry– employee appreciation can be carried over to an encore holiday on Monday and holiday posts and deals can be promoted over several days or the whole week through. Who knows – while searching for that four-leaf clover of a marketing idea, you might just stumble upon a pot of gold!

By: Dana Andersen, Creatine Marketing




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