Men Help Fight Breast Cancer in New Mobile App

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October 6, 2011
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Men Help Fight Breast Cancer in New Mobile App

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Rethink Breast Cancer has created an app called “Your Man Reminder” that encourages women to be consistent with self-checking.


According to, breast cancer affects one in eight women. Early detection is key in the fight against this disease so the importance of regular exams cannot be stressed enough.

The lighthearted app features six different guy personalities, including “Boy Next Door”, “Superstar Athlete”, and “Successful Businessman” who pop up with a compliment and remind users to give their breasts some “TLC”. You can also “Like” the app on Facebook, and share it with your friends to get them on the self-check bandwagon.

While appearing to be a little silly, “Your Man Reminder” also provides important information like what to look for during your self-exam, allows you to take notes, and even has links to book doctor appointments.

In opposition of its humorous nature this app could quite possibly, while making a woman giggle, make her think twice about taking the two minutes to self-check, and in turn save her life. Not bad for a free download.


Written by Jennifer Mount, Creatine Marketing

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