Metropoli [Bringing Monopoly to life with Social Media]
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The students at the Miami Ad School have social media campaign creativity down to a science! Three students in particular get to see their idea come to fruition as their creation of a real-life board game called Metropoli, debuts in New York City.

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Metropoli is a smartphone game that combines Foursquare-type apps with the popular board game Monopoly. With Metropoli, the city is the board game where you purchase properties and make money.

To play, players must link to their Foursquare profiles and begin checking-in to real world locations to purchase the building. Any players who check into that location after it’s purchased must then pay rent, dealt in virtual Metro dollars, to the owner. As with Monopoly, players can buy and sell check-in locations.

Metropoli (Formerly Foursquaropoly) from Deanna McDonald on Vimeo.

The app, which uses the Foursquare API, has great potential for widespread popularity, and the developers are hoping it will expand to other cities nationwide. We hope it comes to Sacramento!

Will all of you Monopoly plans jump on purchasing this app for your city? What do you want to own?
[via PSFK]

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