Mexican Soccer Team Replaces Player Names With Twitter Handles

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March 8, 2014
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March 8, 2014
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Mexican Soccer Team Replaces Player Names With Twitter Handles

Mexican Primera Division side Jaguares have taken things to the next level in terms of attracting more followers to their club Twitter account by pasting their official handle on their jerseys. Not only is the club Twitter account on the front of the shirt, personal handles replace the player’s names on the back. We’ve seen plenty of players embracing social media, mainly through Twitter, but the teams they play for have not always supported it, and have even banned it completely. In a way, it’s great to see a team pushing their own player’s popularity, but you have to wonder if it’s merely a publicity stunt, or a genuine attempt to promote the player’s engagement with their fans.

Walking Billboards?

This is not the first time a soccer has used jerseys to promote Twitter. Earlier this year, Spanish side Valencia sported the “@”. At the time, they didn’t have a sponsor so they elected to advertise themselves at a big game against Barcelona. It will be interesting to see if this trend extends any further. Maybe sponsors will use their Twitter handles instead of their logo. One thing is for sure, not even the quickest soccer player can run from social media!


Written by Jennifer Mount, Creatine Marketing


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