Mobile Marketing Technology: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

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April 26, 2013
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May 8, 2013
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Mobile Marketing Technology: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

Mobile Marketing Technology: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile WebsitesIn a debate as old as time (or at least as old as mobile web interfacing), many have argued over the practicality of a mobile website versus a mobile application. While many browse the internet on their phone, mobile apps have become increasingly popular within the last few years. You may begin to wonder what side to take and what exactly your small business should do. We are here to tell you to invest in BOTH forms of mobile marketing so that your company can receive the high amounts of exposure and interaction you so greatly desire.

After conducting a survey of 500 small businesses that house both a mobile app and mobile friendly website, research has found that each platform is equally important for customer reach. Although a mobile application accounts for 75% of a company’s total mobile value, without financing a mobile friendly website, as well, you lose touch with a quarter of your audience – That’s 125 potential leads! To put it in layman’s terms, the opportunities generated from a mobile page can most likely pay for the site funding and then some that will eventually add to your company’s bottom line. If someone were to ask you whether you wanted ice cream or chocolate syrup would you not opt for both? Sure the ice cream is very important but the syrup gives it just the right amount of flavor to really push the dessert to its full potential. In a similar fashion, mobile apps and mobile websites work mutually to compensate for each others weaknesses and showcase their strengths so that all gaps left by one may be provided by the other. Statistics show that 81% of successful business owners threw out the debate altogether recognizing that both platforms hold an equal value, when asked which mobile technology they find to be most important. With success right around the corner, it is time your company embraced both forms of mobile marketing technology.

If you are a member of a third class of debaters who believe mobile marketing is a waste of time in comparison to marketing on a traditional web setup, think about this: By 2015, more than 780 million people will be mobile only users, no longer having a desktop or laptop in their possession. Within two years the technological shift from traditonal computer to mobile device will make the marketing strategies of basic internet obsolete. The transformation has already begun as demonstrated by the open rates of push notifications versus e-mails. While only 3% of customers are opening and reading your e-mail marketing efforts, an incredible 97% of users are opening push notifications that are pre-built into your mobile app. When the content of a message is in the forefront of a screen (as opposed to a subject heading in a crowded inbox) more customers can be enticed by your products, services, and offers resulting in more sales for your company. Mobile technology is the wave of the future making it essential that your small business get started on its mobile marketing strategizing.

For additional statistics regarding the Mobile Website vs. the Mobile App and for surprising figures regarding mobile marketing as a whole, please refer to the infographic below.

Copy by: Dana Andersen| Creatine Marketing 

Mobile Marketing Technology: Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites









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