Reputation Management

Reputation Management Services

Do you care what people are saying about your brand? Your customers sure do!

Reputation Management is becoming one of the most important components to operating a business, whether it is small or large, online based, or not. Having a website means that your business is always open, and never closes.

Most people are more apt to post comments about negative experiences than positive experiences and this can influence people’s perception of a business. Studies have shown that close to 80% of all consumers have been influenced by reviews they have read online when making a purchasing decision. This is the reason why managing reviews is another big component of the process.

It is thus vital to continuously manage your online reputation, and there are different ways to safeguard it. Creatine Marketing has the most highly skilled and dedicated team in the industry that will design a specific plan to ensure your brand and / or company maintains a highly regarded online reputation.

Corporate Reputation Management Campaigns

Understanding the fundamental importance of reputation management, it’s likewise significant to understand the process we use at Creatine Marketing that has earned us the reputation as the leader in our industry.

Our internal team of experts  have designed our core process and we are pleased to say that our process has had a 100% success rate in improving the online reputation ratings of our clients.

Step 1: Analysis:

  • Analyze the current reputation of the company
  • Survey the online marketplace to graphically rate the reputation
  • Research and provide evidence to support the current reputation
  • Make aggressive pushes to generate positive remarks and statements about the company / brand
  • Design a strategic campaign outlining the current position and future position of the brand of the company

Step 2: Enhance:

  • The real “meat” of the campaign, where we use our SEO expertise to generate positive reviews, and push aside the neutral / negative ones
  • Enhance the positive comments and institute a response campaign that further builds upon the positive comments already in the marketplace
  • Index and real time link to the positive reviews, giving them high SEO value so they appear high in search results
  • Using SEO tactics, push down any neutral or negative comments

Step 3: Respond:

  • Designing a “crisis communications” campaign that acts to respond to negative comments / complaints
  • Implement several response scenarios so that our clients are properly trained to respond
  • Respond to any neutral or negative reviews currently in the marketplace, to show an effective resolution

Step 4: Evaluate, and move forward:

  • Reposition the company / brand as a reputable, problem-solving company
  • Evaluate the campaign to ensure effectiveness and success
  • Reevaluate and “clean up” any negative reviews still in the search engines
  • Build the reputation of the company even stronger to alleviate any negative opportunities further down the road

Online Internet Reputation Management Monitoring

Monitoring your online reputation has become one of the most important factors in running an online business. Having a website means that your company is always open. Since your business is always susceptible to user ratings, it is vital to ensure effective reputation monitoring controls and measures are in place. Without these measures, it is impossible to monitor 100% of the comments circulating across the internet regarding your brand, products, and company.

Studies indicate that 80% of all consumers have been influenced by reviews they have read online.

Not only is effective monitoring an important tool to ensure your company holds a high online reputation, it is also an important measure to evaluate your products. For example, consumers may discuss how your product or services score 9 out of 10 on quality, however lack durability. Now your company knows exactly what people want more out of your product.

Creatine Marketing is a well-respected and well known reputation management / monitoring company. Our experts utilize many valuable platforms to ensure all eyes and ears are focused on your online reputation.

Known for being the affordable SEO company of choice, in addition to being recognized as the top rated Reputation Management firm in the U.S., we will hand build a monitoring campaign specific to your organizational needs and objectives.

Online Review Management

One of the major components to our nationally rated Reputation Management campaigns includes managing reviews.

At Creatine Marketing, we pride ourselves in always being “one step ahead”. We know that constantly surveying the landscape keeps us alert and provides us the ability to carefully anticipate, and plan our actions. It is that approach that has led to our success in various avenues of our business, and it is the same story here.

As customers and / or critics review their experience with products and brands, there is the dominant necessity to respond and, essentially, manage the reviews that are posted. This is where Creatine Marketing comes in.

Continuously focused on the well-being of our clients, while adhering to a code of ethics, we have developed a strategic plan that incorporates 3 main elements to our response technique.

Reputation Management of the brand / company:

  • This is the most important factor because not only do we respond to reviews by one customer at a time, we are promoting the clients reputation uniform to their mission statement
  • All companies want to be recognized in their industry, and we ensure that by the type of responses we deliver
  • We efficiently employ our SEO methods to properly index the responses so that they have high Page Rank with the SERPs (search engine results pages)

Customer Experience:

  • Valuing the importance of the customer experience, we aim to enhance the capacity that the customer enjoys with the business
  • Not only do we enjoy when customers review our client’s products and services, we encourage buyers to review and post remarks, differentiating the business from their competitors
  • Our clients gain the confidence they need in knowing that they can respond to any review and produce a favorable outcome

Reputation Management Agency Building Long-Term Customer Relationships:

  • The true benefits of managing reviews is the long-term customer relationship that results from this process
  • We institute a plan that not only satisfies the customer in the present, but acts as a welding mechanism to keep them as future customers to the company and brand.
  • Customers care more when they are specifically accommodated to and that’s when they become long-term. We know that, and we deliver the results your company needs