Social media integration is the syncing of multiple social media profiles on various social platforms and aligning their functionality with your company’s main website or blog. This integration leverages the power and exposure of multiple social networks with a consistent message, multiplying web traffic exponentially.

Using the social media platforms that are right for a business can have a positive effect on traffic for their website. Installing sharing tools will allow a visitor to share what they’re reading with others via social networking. Not only is social media promotion the fastest way to spread a brand’s message but it also gives the customers a voice.

Social media allows customers to give instant feedback on articles, content, products or services. They become a part of the social branding of a company. This is where most companies fail. If a brand isn’t responding to its engaged consumers, they lose valuable advocacy of the brand’s message. The branding can quickly go from “The company that cares” to “The company that doesn’t listen”.

Social media integration helps to ensure that genuine interest is sparked by real people around a brand. Building a community of repeat customers will help a brand gain social clout and create a credible social name among consumers in general.