Creatine Marketing is at the forefront of leveraging Social Media Marketing to the benefit of our client’s campaigns. Our team of Social Media experts will sit with you one-on-one, and individually design a social media campaign specific to you and your organization’s objectives. Whether it is generating more “followers”, building a stronger reputation online, or just effectively posting relevant content, we will design a campaign specific to your needs and adheres to all compliance standards. Since Social Media is a continually changing environment, we continuously monitor and adapt our campaigns to the shifting landscapes to ensure our clients are always “one step ahead” of the competition.



First we prioritize our clients’ objectives. What do our clients want to accomplish through social monitoring? What do they want to monitor specifically – product reactions, customer service queries, or general discussions? Do they want to be able to identify potential buyers?


Now that we understand what we are doing, we develop a way to get there! With our clients, we set up a book of keywords that we want to pay special attention to, we prioritize our efforts since social media is enormous, and we ensure we are listening to the posts and tweets of the buyers / potential buyers of our clients.

Response Techniques

Listening, interacting, and conversing with the clients’ buyers, we develop a reaction technique that covers all possible response scenarios, including a Crisis Management plan. We anticipate common and uncommon posts and tweets that buyers, critics, and others in the industry may say about the products and services on our clients’ social media pages. Our clients are confident in our abilities to engage with their audience on behalf of their company.

Build Relationships

Social media is a conversation and relationship building experience. We assist our clients in building brand recognition, loyalty and credibility on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We understand the important to communicate effectively to buyers and those who interact with our clients fan pages.


We continuously evaluate our results versus our objectives. Since social media is constantly changing, we place heavy emphasis on evaluation. Our dedicated team of experts is always surveying the landscape and finding innovative ways to improve our methods. Once we evaluate our results, we go back to step 1, and repeat.

Social Media Campaigns


  • “Tweeting” to establish a presence and build brand reputation online, and responding to tweets to encourage engagement
  • Generating a strong “follower base”, where tweets will be primarily communicated
  • Engaging tweets with appropriate lists, #hashtags and @authoritative profiles
  • Gaining exposure by “following” reputable members / businesses
  • List Management of your followers
  • Posting relevant approved articles found online that relate to your business / industry

  • Designing a fully integrated social media interaction and engagement plan that captures the SMM goals of the company
  • Profile/Page Optimization, Updating community and Tell Your Fans marketing
  • Effectively posting key information that will be easily visible on the “wall” and the walls of the client’s followers
  • Increasing exposure, Paid campaign management, Insights analysis
  • Contests, Polls and other engaging viral campaigns
  • Facebook Application integration and development
  • Gaining a strong and respected “fan base” to further enhance credibility

  • Network with key professionals found in the industry and in the general working environment
  • Properly communicate with followers and build upon personal and brand recognition
  • Gain integrity to be recognized as a respectable professional
  • Posting relevant approved articles found online that relate to your business / industry, Analytics analysis

  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Upload and management of videos
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions and tags
  • Continuously search for innovative and new material that can be posted to gain maximum exposure within the clients industry
  • Construct a structured plan to generate many “subscriptions”, “views” and “comments”

  • Gaining exposure by “following” reputable members / businesses
  • Networking and adding people to your circles
  • +1 Relevant content to engage followers
  • Routine engagement with following and followers
  • Posting relevant approved articles found online that relate to your business / industry