One of the most important factors that have evolved in online marketing over the past several years has been the rise of Social Media. When used effectively, Social Media can be one of the most profound methods of building brand awareness and customer interaction. Social Media incorporates many features including posting brief informational updates, photos, videos, events, calendars, feedback, comments, and other engaging content. Setting up and optimizing social media accounts

properly will have a major impact on your social media campaign performance. We will first help you decide which social media platforms are right for you and your business. Then we will handle your initial account setup, make sure your descriptions and keywords are consistent across all profiles, and even get your website or blog to automatically update your accounts. Now that the setup is complete we will customize your profiles with a visual appearance that will match your website, logo and branding.


  • “Tweeting” to establish a presence and build brand reputation online, and responding to tweets to encourage engagement
  • Generating a strong “follower base”, where tweets will be primarily communicated
  • Engaging tweets with appropriate lists, #hashtags and @authoritative profiles
  • Gaining exposure by “following” reputable members / businesses
  • List Management of your followers
  • Posting relevant approved articles found online that relate to your business / industry

  • Designing a fully integrated social media interaction and engagement plan that captures the SMM goals of the company
  • Profile/Page Optimization, Updating community and Tell Your Fans marketing
  • Effectively posting key information that will be easily visible on the “wall” and the walls of the client’s followers
  • Increasing exposure, Paid campaign management, Insights analysis
  • Contests, Polls and other engaging viral campaigns
  • Facebook Application integration and development
  • Gaining a strong and respected “fan base” to further enhance credibility

  • Network with key professionals found in the industry and in the general working environment
  • Properly communicate with followers and build upon personal and brand recognition
  • Gain integrity to be recognized as a respectable professional
  • Posting relevant approved articles found online that relate to your business / industry, Analytics analysis

  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Upload and management of videos
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions and tags
  • Continuously search for innovative and new material that can be posted to gain maximum exposure within the clients industry
  • Construct a structured plan to generate many “subscriptions”, “views” and “comments”

  • Gaining exposure by “following” reputable members / businesses
  • Networking and adding people to your circles
  • +1 Relevant content to engage followers
  • Routine engagement with following and followers
  • Posting relevant approved articles found online that relate to your business / industry