Blog Design

Blog Setup and Design 

A blog is an extension of your website updated with new and original content on a regular basis;  a major component of SEO. A blog is  where your company can “post” articles, product updates, news, events, or other multimedia materials such as presentations, pictures, audio and video. These posts not only help to establish you or your company as an expert in your given industry, it also helps to raise brand awareness. Blog posts are interactive, allowing visitors to engage with you and each other by leaving comments  on your posts. This interactivity is what distinguishes blogs from other static websites. In that sense, blogging can be seen as a form of social networking. Blogging not only produces original content, it also builds social relationships with their readers and other bloggers.

We recommend WordPress as the Content Management System, or CMS for the the Blog. The CMS is the backend or interface where we (or you) will be able to manage all of your blog posts and comments. It is a powerful tool with robust features, yet simple to use. WordPress is not just any blogging software, it is one of the best in the industry used by all types of bloggers, from individuals to fortune 500 companies.

At Creatine Marketing we believe creating an attractive blog design is just the beginning. The design must be both functional as well as visually appealing. It must be easy to navigate (for your blog visitors), and easy to use and update (for your benefit).

Blog Development Includes:

  • Blog strategy, planning and design
  • Hosting setup and configuration
  • WordPress blog design and development (branded, your logo, etc)
  • Installation and configuration of designed theme
  • Setting title tags and descriptions
  • Installation of email subscriber form
  • Feedburner account and RSS setup
  • Google Analytics setup, and integration
  • Sidebar widgets for your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Creation of a blog header from your artwork
  • Installation and configuration of the following plugins such as:
    • Akismet (spam management tool)
    • ShareThis (allows visitors to share your post with social media)
    • Tweetmeme
  • Search engine optimization and SEO plug-in
  • WordPress training
  • Phone and Email support