Paid Advertising

Internet and Social Paid Advertising

SEO is supplemented by paid advertising. Advertising is a game of methodical strategy. However, it’s also a game of gross numbers and leveraged opportunities. How are you exposing your target market to products and services? Online advertising increases exposure. Our SEO clients continue PPC management requests. Google AdWords and similar platforms enjoy continued success because the process works, creating opportunities for more business. But consider Multi-Channel digital marketing strategies by implementing a paid search campaign on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Think of the Web as a large city with pockets of neighborhoods. Your target market inhabits particular neighborhoods, yet some avenues and thoroughfares are extremely inhabited, warranting additional advertising. Have you heard of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn? Of course you have. These sites are extremely popular, with millions of members engaging them at all times of day and night. Facebook is a demographic based Paid Search platform, which will allow you to reach new audiences then traditional CPC campaigns. LinkedIn is great for HR and B2B target audiences. Lastly, Twitter promoted products allow for prompt campaigns on hot trends quickly.

Naturally, we take interest in leveraging such popular platforms. We inform and encourage SEO client participation in social paid search platforms. Some smaller businesses like the idea of using social paid search platforms but lack the in-house resources to commence. We want to help.

Our PPC management team adopts paid-ad campaigns of all sizes for a number of clients. Isn’t it time to take advantage of social-site ads? More importantly, has your competition already made the wise decision? Don’t miss the chance for additional revenue and exposure.

These sites are referenced in anecdotes, in news stories, and in business discussions all the time. Twitter, Facebook and other social sites are too popular to neglect.