QR Codes for Business: Totally Cool or Useless Tool?

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November 30, 2011
QR Codes: Totally Cool or Useless Tool?
December 1, 2011
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QR Codes for Business: Totally Cool or Useless Tool?

Yes, again with the QR codes. During my usual blog browsing, I couldn’t help but notice the reoccurring topic of those little (and sometimes very big) link-embedded codes. They are everywhere you look – billboards, magazines, fliers, menus; but are they being used too casually?

QR Codes on Volleyball Players

Most QR codes that are scanned simply send the customer to the mobile homepage of that brand. Boring. The point of displaying an interactive code is to engage your customers, right?

BeerNews.org recently posted a poll asking readers if they found them useful. One person said,  “Show me something interesting, something new, something different. I hardly ever scan them anymore because they are nearly always a re-direct to the main website.”

If you are currently using QR codes to promote your brand, or business, make it worth the users time. If you are promoting a product, perhaps link the code to some fun facts about it, or to a “secret” special. Be creative. If you want your customers to interact with you on a new level, you have to put that extra bit of effort in to give them a reason to stay interested.

Scanners, let’s help them out. What would you like to be directed to when you scan a QR code?

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