Skype & Facebook Get Closer: Announce Video Calling With Friends

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March 8, 2014
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Skype & Facebook Get Closer: Announce Video Calling With Friends

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Skype and Facebook first announced integration when it was possible to instant message your Facebook friends via Skype. Now Skype has made a further step in this by adding the functionality to video call your friends, for free. The feature has only just been released and is currently available in beta on Skype, for people to try. The extension by Skype reflects the capability currently available on Facebook, where webcam users have the option to video call their friends. This move extends Facebook’s reach online even more, and is yet another example of the Facebook experience becoming seamlessly integrated on complementary services, as opposed to these services attempting to compete with Facebook.

The integration will work to connect people without the need to both be in Skype, or Facebook at the same time. If you connect your Facebook account to Skype, you can video message a Facebook friend and they will pick up the video call directly within Facebook. You will also be able to video call a friend on Skype, from within Facebook. This will help video calling to become even more flexible and will likely see a drop in friends ‘arranging’ video chats on Skype through their Facebook walls, which highlights the need for a service like this.

Video going mainstream

While services like Skype have a huge uptake, online video or video chatting is only at the beginning of its potential. Indeed, according to Skype’s chief technology strategist, Jonathan Rosenberg, the new partnership addition with Facebook is intended to help them move towards their goal of helping a billion people to chat all over the world, particularly by video. While working with Facebook is certainly going to help Skype in the short-term, it does mean that they lose their independence as a site, but this is the pay-off if they want to benefit from the might of Facebook and all their users. Skype has had a fairly unstable history, having been sold to ebay before being bought back by the original owners, so they will need to handle their relationship with Facebook carefully to ensure they maintain their stronghold in the market.

Are you excited about this new feature? Let us know your thoughts.

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