Social Media in the 2012 Election [#Election2012]

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Social Media in the 2012 Election [#Election2012]

Obama may have defeated Romney to become our nation’s leader once again, but the huge winner in this year’s presidential race has been social media. The U.S. election generated a wave of social media frenzy from vocal Twitter and Facebook users ready to chime in with their thoughts, ideas, rants, and praises.

Posted minutes after several news outlets predicted Obama as the winner of this year’s4 More Years election, the iconic image of President Obama embracing his wife with the tweet “Four more years” has become Twitter’s most retweeted picture of all time, and according to Twitter, the 2012 presidential election has become the most tweeted event in U.S. political history with more than 20 million tweets. Various celebrities and public figures expressed their opinions about the events leading up to Election Day, promoting #El

ection2012 as a trending topic. TV, radio, and internet personalities showed support for their respective parties’ candidates, allowing their fans to stay involved in the political discussions on Twitter.

Much like Twitter, Facebook has also generated much discussion about this year’s presidential election. According to Facebook, the night of the election produced 71.7 million election- related mentions in posts and comments in the U.S. and 88.7 million globally. Not surprisingly, most of the political hype generated from Facebook was from active users under the age of 35.

On Election Day, many voters shared their experiences with their personal networks by snapping pictures with their smartphones and uploading them onto Instagram. On a blog post from Instagram, users tagged more than 100,000 photos with the term #IVoted and about 150,000 photos with the term #Election2012. However, users had to be careful about which photos they wanted to share since uploading pictures of their ballots would constitute a breach of the law.

As social media continues to play a part of our daily lives, it is not surprising to discover the prominent role it has played in this year’s presidential race. Social media platforms allow users to have a voice on topics they are passionate about, collaborate on ideas, and express their opinions through creative modes, thus this year’s election definitely allowed users to have their opinions heard.

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by Juliet Fong, Creatine Marketing

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