Social Media Marketing eBook Review | How to Generate Leads

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December 28, 2013
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Social Media Marketing eBook Review | How to Generate Leads

How to Generate Leads with Social Media By SalesForce Marketing Cloud

Social Media Marketing eBook Review | How to Generate LeadsA hot topic to discuss at the moment is the value of social media marketing. Because online social marketing is still relatively new, it can be difficult to realize the true worth without the years of data to support its significance. Lead generation is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your online campaign, but it can be difficult to determine how go about enhancing your leads. SalesForce Marketing Cloud writes a great, free social media marketing eBook titled “How to Generate Leads with Social Media” to help outline the key factors in using social media effectively.

Build a Strong Network of Ties

SalesForce makes a great point that a confirmed transaction hinges on the relationship between seller and buyer. Social media is a great channel for effective communication and can show a buyer that you are ready to engage. It is important to connect with potential and existing clients to show your interest in their lives; regular interaction shows you truly care.

Influence Connections for Content Sharing

Social Media Marketing eBook Review | How to Generate LeadsThe authors provide an interesting rule of thumb for content sharing. SalesForces mentions that the shelf life of your social link is only 3 hours. After this you will need to redevelop an awareness of your post.  They believe the key to success is following the 10:4:1 formula: 10 third party articles; 4 blog posts, and 1 link to your landing page. Although we do agree that content sharing should be a huge, if not the largest, component of your social campaign, we also believe that it’s important to find a rhythm that works for you depending on the frequency and relevance of your own blog schedule.

Master Social Conversion

Have you ever heard of the formula social proof + strong ties = social conversion? This eBook explains it in detail. SalesForce makes a great point that per human nature people want to feel good about the purchases they make and that they aren’t alone in their decision. Use the strong ties your business has with its customers to provide social proof via Twitter testimonials, sharing on news feeds, and word of mouth.

Social Media Marketing eBook Review | How to Generate Leads

How Social Monitoring Can Help

An important social media strategy for business is social monitoring. SalesForce brings up a great point that social media is overwhelmed with sales pitches that people aren’t interested in. Instead of blindly throwing your service around listen to, and monitor, what your fans need, and then reach out directly in order to let them know how your product can be of use.

Social Media Marketing eBook Review | How to Generate Leads

Use Social Ads to Generate Leads

Lastly, don’t be afraid to buy endorsed ads or to promote current offers across all of your social media platforms. This action has a proven rate of success and will aid in your social conversion.

Overall, SalesForce offers some wonderful ideas that will make increased lead generation a reality. Although not every component may fit your tailored needs, you can use these pointers as a starting place for building an unstoppable campaign. Check out the full eBook here, along with an excellent case study in support of their findings.

By: Dana Andersen | Creatine Marketing

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