Social Media Networking Tips: Make Your Profile Work for You

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Social Media Networking Tips: Make Your Profile Work for You

Social Networking Tips

For many businesses, taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter and similar online social networking sites is an ideal way of increasing your clientele. However, it is important to the success of the networking for the company to carefully set up its profiles. We have gathered the top three ways for you to increase your page desirability and bring in more prospective clients in less time.

Of course it is vital to have your company name or logo on your social networking profile, but there is a bit more you can do to not only attract new clients but also keep them interested in you and your business. The first, and probably the most important tip for your social networking profiles is to make sure you are not being too technical or overly formal. Instead, while maintaining professionalism, be friendly, personable and inviting. Make sure you are “speaking” to your target audience.  

When someone that does not have your knowledge of your product begins reading your profile and they find it necessary to pull out their dictionary, they are likely going to avoid you in the future. Keep your profile easy to read, friendly and informative. Let your customers feel as though they are important to you and not below you. A client that feels they are your equal is likely going to want to deal with you.  

Second, simply be social with your followers. If your page has been “liked”, friend-requested or “followed”, acknowledge the individual. Sometimes a mere “thank you” is enough to spark a lasting relationship. Acknowledge the fact that you would not be where you are today if it wasn’t for them. Being generic likely won’t cut in the wonderful world of the internet. Instead try an approach that will make you stand out and encourage people to want to deal with your business versus a competitors’.  

Finally, if applicable, include your employees on your profile page. Make sure your followers and friends know your staff and feel comfortable with them. You can easily place pictures of your employees at work with a brief biography on your social networking profile. Let your audience know how great they are and how important they have been to your success. You can even include a quote from them, or list some of their hobbies. Keep it fairly short and to the point while making it engaging and interesting.  

Bottom line, the point of having social networks is to network. They open up your business and services to an audience that you may have never reached otherwise. Putting your own personal spin on the tips you’ve just read will be a great way to expand your reach, boost your clientele, and take your business to the next level.

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