Social Media Slip-Ups [Caution When Using Twitter for Business]

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October 18, 2012
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Social Media Slip-Ups [Caution When Using Twitter for Business]

Twitter Mistake

Social media offers companies and professionals the ability to connect with their fans in a way that is mutually beneficial. Using Facebook or Twitter for business, a company can quickly resolve issues, thank customers for loyal service, and effectively leverage their online platforms for promotions. Celebrities and TV shows can build hype with their large following audience. However, if not monitored closely, sometimes social media can be as damaging as it can be helpful!

Do you recall these social media slipups?

Lovin' this social media slipup 1. McDonald’s launched a Twitter campaign utilizing #McDstories. Their goal was to have customers post happy stories about Happy Meals. However, McDonald’s failed to remember that social media allows users to share anything, good or bad. As a result, many users used the hashtag to share their horror stories. This marketing campaign failed because the risk of launching the hashtags outweighed the reward, as it shined a spotlight on their negative reviews.

2. At the 2012 Grammy’s Chris Brown won Best R&B Album. After the awards show, Chris Brown tweeted a hateful message to his “haters”. This resulted in his fans commenting on his negative attitude rather than celebrating his victory. This particular incident just reiterates the affects social media has on public perception and a person’s reputation.

3. The then-Aflac spokesperson, Gilbert Gottfried was fired because of his inappropriate tweets after the Japanese tsunami. When hiring a spokesperson, make sure they understand they are representing not only themselves but your company as well.


kenneth cole

4. In February, Kenneth Cole use the violence and unrest of Egypt to promote his new spring collection. Not surprisingly, Kenneth Cole received thousands of negative comments and publicity. This taught us to not use bad news and other people’s suffering to sell products.

5. Who can forget Anthony Weiner’? He will forever be associate with the Twitter scandal that ultimately resulted in his resignation. Common sense would suggest that one should not send naked pictures of themselves online to strangers.

chrysler oops 6. Chrysler was employing an outside company to manage their Twitter account when a social media representative tweeted on the on the @ChryslerAutos account by accident. This tweet was intended for the representative’s personal account, and was removed, but not before attracting a number of retweets that both harmed Chrysler and caused the individual to lose their job. Remember to keep business and personal matters separate. If you are responsible for a business account, as well as your own, take extra care to check the account you are sending from!

Moral of the story: If you are posting on Twitter for business, please be cautious! 

Do you have any Twitter “Oops” moments?

Written by: Sureena Johl

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